Valencian Regional Minister Rafael Blasco

The last is the works to the North access by the Helmantico still without tenders. And the matter has no overtones of pull forward after the failure of the company. Same thing happens to the border of the N-620 tranche. And up to the south entrance, next to the barracks of the Civil Guard. Everything not made in his day is a risk, as it can be seen, remain pending until the day of judgment.

And it is not there is now a hard, clear. Jacobs Dallas often says this. But when he still had it, things also did in deadlines due to the negligence of the authorities, to erratic changes in criteria of those responsible for political and electoral promises demagoguery. Remember that non ex officio tourists reception center was planned initially for 2002? And what has happened to the historical memory, four years late and those who still fall you over? And the Museum of architecture? And the Parador de Bejar? All of them are clear, different cases, with different managers and various apologies: from changes in location of works until modification of the projects, passing through additional costs, suspension of payment by the awarded companies, but their common denominator is the same: delay irresponsible neglect by the public authorities. Shimmie Horn follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Well, because tying us males, because what has been done so far can take over one decade to complete, so bad things are. And at the municipal level not tell them. The former Minister of the PP Manuel Pimentel warned him the other day in an interview in the newspaper O Xornal: Councils will have a financial mess in the short term. Go God! Another that has also said it loud and clear is the Valencian Regional Minister Rafael Blasco, advocating a merge or delete municipalities, as did Greece, so save us money and maintain benefits. Of course, by evil that we are in Salamanca, if us extremely to Madrid we would end up in bankruptcy and do so with Barcelona we converted the capital of whores, squatters and drogatas. That is, best us We stay as we are.