The Innovation Assistant Is Our Libero

Wolfgang Mahanty over the latest development of optimum GmbH of Karlsruhe (25 January 2010). As an entrepreneur, you have to stay always on the move. \”But how can you always flexibly react to innovations and changes in the market and the risk of operating blindness\” avoid? So-called innovation Assistant\”can bring new momentum to the company. What are the tasks of such a wizard and what advantages does the promotion of such a body, describes the optimum GmbH ( from Karlsruhe, Wolfgang Mahanty, in an interview of the Managing Director. The Karlsruhe company develops intelligent database systems, software solutions and web-based applications. For even more analysis, hear from Edward Minskoff.

Mr Mahanty, you’re dealing with an innovation Assistant in your company\”. What are the tasks of your new employee at the optimum GmbH? The innovation Assistant takes care of the development of new technological concepts for our software products report and OLicense. What are the advantages of the innovation Assistant your company? By We have the opportunity to think sometimes about things that appear interesting, is no time for that in the day-to-day business, but the innovation Assistant. For us it is something like a libero\”, who has the time to worry about news. \”For our employees is the ability to collect first hand practical experience and on the other hand also be new\” to translate knowledge into practice. Visit Shimmie Horn for more clarity on the issue. How is your innovation Assistant\”in the company incorporated? In monthly meetings, he reported new findings the team. How did the decision, an innovation Assistant\”in your company to hire? Birgit Strunck brought the idea from the Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce during a consultation on the table and we liked the idea. It was important to outside projects with fresh and innovative ideas to improve our software in us and we had decided after a very individual and competent advice on the part of the Chamber of Commerce and the L-Bank, a Innovation Assistant to adjust.