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Wheel Centering

At present a variety of proposals for plastic windows user is placed in a blind alley in front of a difficult choice: how to get such a variety of very good quality and the window. Already it is no secret that the housing greatly affects all residents. The more positive emotions a person receives, being at home, the better the fold of his case and many others in all walks of life. Therefore, all the details and problems in its housing, causing the negative emotions that urgently needs to rework. Eddie Murphy often addresses the matter in his writings. In such a case can not be afraid eksperimentnyh and bold decisions: we must undertake to repair or cleaning of the capital, to alter the doors, walls, and in general all that you do not like. A special place in the interior of the door and take, of course, windows.

If your windows begin to rot and started to look lost, much better to replace them. Because no matter how you chink filler – Leak still not get anywhere, and the window and continue to decay further. And it can also affect your health, and all your household, being a hotbed of drafts and cold. A cold and drafts can also lead to the formation of mold on the walls. And do not forget that this is not only harmful to your health, but also that treatment of the walls of the mold – is rather complicated, time-consuming and expensive process.

If the decision to change the windows is accepted, the this is only the beginning of all perspectives. After all, you need to be a new window quality, aesthetic, practical, professionally mounted in your window opening, and preferably not too expensive. After changing the window – it's a whole heap different problems both on Wheel Centering size and the selection of material, installation and eliminating the consequences of those actions.

Light Window

Can have both impostnuyu and bezympostnuyu design for ventilation is provided ventilator. Heat saving glass – high-quality glass with a thin film coating, which applied by vacuum magnetron sputtering. There are two types of heat saving windows: i-and k-glass window. i-glass (LOW-E) has a "soft" coating based on silver gives the product a bluish color. i-glass only used in the manufacture of sealed glass units, with the coated side should be facing inside the glass. Misses more than 75-83% of visible light, with more than 90-95% of the heat reflected back into space.

k-glass has a "hard" coating on the basis of solid oxides, nitrides of titanium, tin or indium, which give the product a blue or yellow hues. k-glass is used as a regular or solar control glass. Skip the 60-80% of the visible Light reflected back into space from 60 to 90% of the heat. Triplex – three-layer safety glass, obtained by using a special compound or composition of the polymer film bonding two sheets of organic or silicate glass. Triplex has a higher impact resistance and Traumatic than ordinary glass, and glass is used for homes, cars, airplanes, railways, etc. Angular switch – hardware element that provides the transmission of motion through the mechanism of locking angle.

Seal – rubber-rubber bands, mounted on the frame, sash and glazing beads to seal windows and porch sash to the frame. Finnish window – a window with two sets of wings, fastened together with special fittings. In one of the valves installed windows in the other – ordinary glass. Sometimes in the space can mezhramnom be installed blinds, regulate the light output. Float glass – float glass having a high optical performance, excluding the distortion of the image. This glass is produced by the float, consisted in a horizontal glass to release the molten metal. Ventilator – a small flap at the top or bottom of the window intended for ventilation of the room and connected to a box swivel mechanism. Transom – a glazed upper part of window does not open the block or folding element, limited horizontal impost and having a hinged opening. Operable transoms are designed for ventilation premises. French window – a wide picture window to the floor. Performed with shtulpovym compound or sliding doors. As glazing windows are used. Hardware – fasteners for wings window assembly, as well as mechanisms to lock and lock in a certain position: handles, latches, locking mechanisms and other devices. Furniturny groove – a groove in the sash profile, designed for mounting accessories. Glazing beads (layout on the glass) – Rail of different shapes (flat or curved normal SoftIine), for fixing of glass in the frame, as well as glass and panels in the door leaves. Face plate – a profile for double windows hinged opening. Serves to connect the two wings, with one of them is dependent on the other during opening. This flap can be opened only after opening the core, equipped with a handle and locking furnitoroy. Valve without a handle can not be a swing-out. Unlike impostnogo compounds shtulpovoe opening the valves allows you to fully release the window opening.