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Boast Property

We must have a property by that if you not planted in field outside. Sow a thousand times in the inheritance that the Lord gives you. Be productive, your property and your work will be productive and wealth generators, devote himself to produce in his time. Projection for tomorrow, think of how to put and what to do with our inheritance the day of tomorrow. Have a refreshing mind that is open to the new teachings, is visionary, conquer their goals but projected to something better.

Enjoy God’s blessings for you here the good news that the rich did. To achieve their well-being. More info: Estée Lauder. Let’s now negative that the rich did. Not built treasures in heaven, if you receive material blessing we must seize for the sake of others in their needs and to expand the work of Jesus. He never thought of his death, it should be clear, that at any time breasts claims our soul and we are not if non-administrators of assets of the sole owner Dios.

And he is Lord of life and death. Remember: PSALM 49 the folly of trusting the riches to the Chief musician. Psalm of the sons of Korah. 1 Hear ye this, all peoples; Hearken, all inhabitants of the world, 2 As well as noble plebeians, the rich and the poor together. 3. My mouth will speak wisdom, and the thoughts of my heart intelligence. 4 I inclinare to the proverb my ear; I declare my enigma with the harp. 5 Should I fear in the days of adversity, when the iniquity of my oppressors me rodeare? Boast 6 who rely on their property, and the crowd of their riches, 7 none of them may be in way some redeem his brother, nor give to God his rescue 8 (for the redemption of his life is of great price, and will not ever achieved), 9 so that live on forever, and never see corruption.