Russian Federation Property

Revisions to the of real estate rights and transactions (hereinafter – EGRP) records on the state registration of rights of owners of residential and commercial property for real estate, which are common property in apartment buildings (hereinafter – the real estate), and transactions carried out in accordance with the Law on Registration, Rules of EGRP and other legal acts of the Russian Federation, adopted in According to him, including the Regulations. To date, we would like to inform the citizens of the general provisions and requirements that must be followed if you wish to state registration of rights to common property of an apartment building. The concept of the common property of all property apartment building can be divided into two parts: residential and commercial spaces that are independent objects of property rights, and common property of an apartment building, designed to enable the use of the said premises and therefore not recognized by an independent object of civil law. Since physically block of flats linked to the land on which is located and which is required for its use to the common property of multi-classified as appropriate, and land. Thus, the common property in apartment building are: premises in the house, not being parts of flats and designed to serve more than one room in the house, mezhkvartirnye landings stairs, elevators elevators and other shafts, corridors technical floors, attics, basements in which there are utilities, serving more than one other room in the house the equipment (technical basement), roof protecting load-bearing and non load-bearing structure of the house, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other equipment located in this building outside or inside the premises and serving more than one premises; land, on which the present house, with elements of landscaping and beautification other intended for maintenance, operation and improvement of the home sites located on specified land. .