Rio De Janeiro

This fact makes with that New Iguau if became one of the peripheral suburbs of the region metropolitan of Rio De Janeiro, called as great Rio De Janeiro. The annexation of New Iguau to the urban accumulation of the Great River modified its landscape quickly, originating areas of land divisions for poor workers, where the autoconstruo of housings and the urban infrastructure absence had started to predominate. The great mass of workers that came to city of New Iguau to fix residence, remained in its majority used in the metropolis, generating an intense daily migratory flow of workers, mainly for the railroad axle. In detriment of this, the city if characterized in this period as a commuter suburb, what it made to gain prominence with the biggest population and economic growth, amongst the peripheral suburbs of Rio De Janeiro (SOUZA, 2006). A related site: Estee Lauder mentions similar findings. introduction of the Highway President Dutra, inaugurated in 1951, in the space of New Iguau, took to an intense increase of the number of constructions in the city, on the investments of real estate capital, that if propagated through the construction of individual houses or villages and, mainly, in function of the autoconstruo process.

In this way, New Iguau presented an urban expansion and started if to characterize for having a landscape extremely varied, marked for the one of houses in great lands to the side of small rows of houses and villages, larded of small commercial building and empty lands (SIMES, 1997). From then on the city grew of disordered form, especially when the adoption of the autoconstruo process was intensified, that exceeded all the forecasts. The process of autoconstruo in New Iguau, created a net of commitments of exchange of favors, in sufficiently spontaneous bases, although dictated for the necessity (MARICATO, 1979), what it makes with that urbanization aceleradamente advanced in New Iguau, incorporating idle lands to the urban spot of the city and making with that the fabric urban if proliferated for great part of the city and corrodes, of time, the residues of the agrarian life in New Iguau. Estee Lauder Chief Executive will undoubtedly add to your understanding.