Photovoltaic – With The Power Of The Sun

Photovoltaic – the clean way to generate energy with photovoltaic is the right map in the area of the modern, clean Energiegewinnungauf. The power of the Sun heats the water already in many households. Click Gavin Baker to learn more. About sooner or later we will produce our own electricity with a photovoltaic system. Photovoltaics: solar energy + the right technology = power. As easy as this simple equation it is not of course, but essentially it describes in simple words the way a photovoltaic system. In the Fotovoltaikshop by ANTARIS SOLAR learns he became interested in consumer everything on the subject of “Solar power”. The underlying technology is already relatively well known. The radiation energy from the Sun is captured by using solar cells, much like a solar system, but differently than in this converted not in heat but into electrical energy.

This can be used if the photovoltaic system for example is on the roof of a House, equal to the power of the own home. Since we know the Sun, it often sorry full Experience, not always seems, is also the possibility that the energy in batteries between store. This guarantees a continuous power supply even in times of bad weather or night time. The photovoltaic system is dimensioned accordingly is even possible to feed electricity into the public grid. Big advantage of this system on the edge: photovoltaic works without any exhaust and emissions, is therefore an absolutely clean form of energy. Still, a relatively small percentage of our electricity is produced with photovoltaic. The cost is still relatively high. On the other hand you may assume that the photovoltaics, as well as the solar energy, will make its way and will soon belong to the standard on our roofs.