Beyond determining basic the health as right of all, it also enunciates, in the article 3, that ' ' the health has as determinative and condicionantes factors, among others, the feeding, the housing, the basic sanitation, the environment, the work, the income, the education, transport, the leisure and the access to the essential goods and services; the levels of health of the population express the social and economic organization of pas' ' (9). Resolution COFEN-100, in the Art.6, characterizes the nurse specialist in peditrica nursing, and in item D of the only paragraph of this exactly article, makes use on its participation ' ' in the assistance of health to the child and the adolescents, in schools of 1 and 2 graus' '. Moreover, the Law n 4024/61 cites the necessity of the assistance in nursing to the pertaining to school, in the education institutions. A nurse, however, does not occupy this position in fact, wants either it specialist or not. Between some factors that concur for such situation, we can cite the precarious boarding of the area of pertaining to school health in the courses of graduation in Nursing (3). The adjusted formation of nurse in pertaining to school health will despertar its interest for the area and will make with that the same it occupies position that it is proper in the programs of pertaining to school health and answers to the necessities of this market of work, that in recent years if it extends through governmental programs, which presents new proposals for the attendance of these children and adolescents (3). Although the nurse specialist in pediatrics and puericultura to have the adjusted preparation to act in pertaining to school health, the pupil of nursing graduation also needs to receive formation in this area, aiming at the magnifying of its generalista characteristic and performance in the assistance of nursing to the pertaining to school, in the absence of the specialist (3). .