New Discovery

It is verified that the transitoriedade of the calls territories is not only for questions related in the nature, but the form of as the antrpica action is accomplished in the territory. Each author, depending on its line of work and its metodolgicas conceptions theoretical, on the emphasis to some aspects inside of the territory, either the economic aspect, cultural politician and or the interlacement of these factors, to explain the concept and the dynamics of a space that is always in construction. Appeared Adilson Edge; Cleide Helena Prudncio Da Silva; Marcelo Nunes; Tlio Barbosa; Wagner Miralha; FCT/UNESP (2004) the population of this community that is object of the research, did not have in its conviviality enabled people to develop a program so that through it they could reach the due objectives for intended they, in this situation who enter the institutions that act, where the public power do not reach or she does not intend to place itself less next to the favored population since the same one is more dependent of the public power and needs support all, therefore are poor in the diverse fields of the right, education, security, housing and citizenship. The development alone can be established when people are trained and prepared in elapsing of years to execute the tasks that the necessary population, the necessity compelled and compels the population if to join the institutions that had arrived at the New Discovery if apod. For even more opinions, read materials from Edward Minskoff.