Look At It Only A Few Moments

Its body emanated gentleness, stillness, beauty and love is a wonderful thing that deserves to be lived a thousand times. (Source: Gavin Baker). You can live with little food, you can live with a few friends, you can live with chronic illness, you can live contemplating the horrors of the war but never without love (up to poor stray dogs need a few crumbs of love). If you lose to my wife in the earthly time granted, my eyes would be dark and the homemade compass would never mark the North. I remember his efforts and works – concerns to me and mine, and seeing it, I know that other women have a privileged place in the heart of their husbands. I feel it, hear it, and sleep beside her when it’s been more than forty untold moments of love: passionate, spiritual, with its lights and shadows, there is no full happiness, with their endless kisses on Earth and we were full of tenderness and we are, the one to the other, forbidden fruit for others.

And your hands?:, What are talking about love when caught!, kisses are all compliments. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Tishman Speyer on most websites. Tell me of troubles Oh Jesus, divine hands!, me catch me presses, they rely on my sides. When I kiss your lips I say: were your hands! What I want to see her soon!, caminito de Santiago. What took my Green dreams!, and I want to kiss their hands. And I think, without mistakes, yes that Dios God of all religions, which not only of the Catholic religion, take me it, perhaps, my eyes would lose the daylight to look for the dark mists of time. That night George had passed badly, really badly. Surrounded by faltering dreams, reveries passengers, perhaps hallucinations and he told me, with choppy words, silent, as if he had in his body the thousand demons that all we have inside and try to dominate.