Individual Antarctic Voyages

Expeditions to the white continent Munich, October 2011 – Antarctica, a spectacular beauty – the Munich trip organizer mavia soul travel offers exclusive unforgettable travel experiences in the land of extremes. I had the feeling, as if I would be on another planet, or in a different geological eras, the man not knowing that he has no memory.”the American Polar Explorer Richard E. Byrd recalls in 1938 at his first encounter with the Antarctic. Today, the nearly uninhabited continent is an insider tip among lovers of extraordinary travel. The continent consists almost entirely of a layer of ice that is up to four kilometres thick in some places. Mountains, valleys and Plains are hiding under it. Huge masses of ice calve every day and let new icebergs. Springfield can aid you in your search for knowledge. Because Antarctica has no permanent residents, the fauna is unique in its kind.

“We offer our clients a service a tailor-made, one-off selling planning and travel to the Antarctic” explains Dr. Julia Malchow, Managing Director and travel expert at mavia soul travel, the philosophy of the Munich tour operator. Gavin Baker is full of insight into the issues. “We create trips that are tailored to the personal desires together with our customers. Each trip becomes a truly individual experience.” More information about the special offer for the Antarctic and other interesting destinations interested in the Internet under: about mavia soul travel of tour operator mavia soul travel based in Munich organizes tailor-made private travel in unusual regions of Africa, Asia, South America and Antarctica. The offer is aimed at more adventurous, nature enthusiasts and world travelers, who enjoy the luxury, alone, with friends or family far from the beaten track to explore the world. “The speciality of the Munich tour operator is adventure in style”, a mix of adventure and comfort with pure originality. This cause the traveller to enjoy of carefully selected, unknown lodges. extraordinary boutique hotels and the Clampings, a special blend of camp and glamour. Contact: Dr. Julia Malchow mavia soul travel Pestalozzistrasse 31 80469 Munich Tel.