After working in the same place for a long time, not few people who feel that they deserve an increase in their pay. But this does not mean that others think exactly the same thing, so it is very important to have a good plan to make this request before heading to ask for an increase. First thing you must do, is to find out how much is won another person who works in a field and charge similar to yours in a company of the same size which you labor to consider how much is the increase means you have received. If you don’t know this, could run the risk of asking an increase too high or too low. For more information see Fabrizio Freda. In this way, in the first case, others they will see you as a person greedy and conceited, while in the second, you will observe as someone who does not value much neither to itself nor to his work (and you desperdiciaras one of the very rare opportunities it has to apply for an increase). After getting this information, quiet with a pen and a paper, lists all your activities, productions, and contributions to the company.

It would not be a bad idea to make an appointment to talk to your superiors, so that they know you seeks to raise an important issue, which I would like to discuss with them. When it comes time to speak with them, first evaluates what humor have at that time. If they just had a bad day, forget to ask for an increase, and tries to have a relaxed and pleasant conversation with them. He expects another occasion. Also, try to avoid making enquiries regarding a salary increase, if you know that the company is going through an economically difficult time, since that will make you look like a greedy person who does not care the well-being of your company or of your co-workers.