Housing Committee

City and the world – Irina, you have just become chairman of the Committee on work with public housing programs ARSPb. What are your plans for activities in this position? – Committee on work with the state housing programs – an important and interesting because quite a significant proportion of transactions in the market place with the involvement of subsidy funds. So many types of subsidies are also associated with a mortgage, and so I like quite a long time and I work closely with the subsidies, and with a mortgage, I'm glad that led the Committee on Subsidies. Many citizens, since the procedure for obtaining grants, can not imagine any of those challenges that they face, nor the actual grant and the timing of its receipt. In general, our goal – to help people understand the process of obtaining grants, and to make it the most optimal way. Advice from the experts always begins with the fact that we just tell people what a subsidy, what is its size. And then, when worked out the basic sequence of actions, we can make decisions about the extent to which need the services of professionals and the public Exactly.

I see three areas of work of the Committee, through which it can help both consumers and colleagues of the real estate market. I will not even allocate among them the more and less important – they are all important. First – cooperation with the city. Would be great if the Housing Committee, through which the implementation of programs on subsidies, will see the realtors partners to hear and understand their problems.