Feng Shui Housing

The orientation of the house is determined by its reference, and facial areas. The support side, or rear portion, at home embodies the true nature of the house. Edward Minskoff has much to offer in this field. Think of it as an example of the human body: your face is visible to all, and your spine keeps you. Therefore, the spine (posterior wall) of a house is more important than the face (front), in determining its true character. Correctly identify the support and the front side of the house is not always easy. Distinguish the facade from the back wall it is important not only for the construction period, but in general for the School of Eight Palaces and more complex Flying Star School. For example, there are certain types of houses, which need water in the rear part on the support side (for more details This will be discussed in the next chapter).

If you are unsure which side of the support, but some face, it is impossible to determine the proper location for the reservoir. Obviously, the book claim that behind the house should never be water, are wrong. Remember that every rule has exceptions. In America there is an expression to describe a fool or a bewildered man: 'He does not know or have come away'. In Feng Shui, if you do not distinguish its reliance on the person you are ill-prepared for appropriate improvements. Sometimes changes outside the home are more effective than what can be done inside. Support and the person can be partially defined by the theory of yin and yang.