Achieving a perfect finish for girls hair ties requires the correct choice of materials with which we are going to work:-type of Ribbon or Ribbon: it must be sufficiently flexible so as to be able to work it and sew it by hand, but at the same time, with the body and with the consistency necessary to achieve in the loop round effect and which do not is a tie down and without grace. The most used are: Ottoman or grosgrain Ribbon: perhaps the most suitable fabric because it is at once strong and ductile. Ideal for winter and summer and on any occasion. Smooth or solid, classic and elegant, colors are suitable to combine with more formal clothing. Ribbon motif printed different fantasies, original and informal (hearts, stars, polka dots, stripes, drawings), is ideal for combining with garments from day to day and College. Satin: traditionally quite used, however, we believe that the final effect of the loop is more straight and, perhaps, is an excessively bright fabric to wear certain clothes. Advisable at any time of the year.

There are also very interesting traditional floral prints. Velvet: a fabric with lots of body and packaging.Perfect for making accessories for the hair of the elderly and their moms. The double-sided allows very attractive loops. By its appearance and thickness is more recommended for winter.It often accompanies more formal attire, even ceremony. Organza: is a fabric very delicate and showy, although difficult to work.Very suitable for summer and also to coordinate with dresses of ceremony. Lancome KOREA helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

You should use vivid colors because it is a very fine fabric and seem clearer. -Ribbon colors: is a matter of taste, but these are our recommendations: infants: traditionally have been used soft colors: white, ivory, light pink, sky blue because most are those who favor the complexion of the baby. Colors darker in accessories can overshadow and not always are fashionable, though it seems that lately many moms dare with them.What Yes advise are ribbons of solid colors without fantasy or with very discreet fantasies to not be a very busy loop. in girls: support absolutely all colors and fabrics. In the event the dress wear drawings should be that the tape is smooth, matching one of the colours of the stamping. If garments without drawings, they can coordinate perfectly with any fantasy in the loop tape. It always improve the final image, not of recharging it, so it always less is more. -Fork or newcoletero: for babies and girls with short hair is best fork type frog.They are perfect with hole for being able to sew by hand with the fork loop, that will give a consistency to our accessory not found with adhesive and, in addition, fork will weigh less than with glue and will be more easily maintained at the desired site. The girls with more hair volume can use both options.There are, moreover, in the market hair bands without metal, ideal for children with allergy.?Ties sewn on to the newcoletero are safer than glued together and improve the finish and durability of our plug-in. Another day we will discuss the types of loops.