Clever Post: HootSuite Is A New Partner Of

New function allows use of HootSuite features one-click, the desktop app of the Karlsruhe company Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH, announces new partnership with the HootSuite social media management system. (Source: Gavin Baker). The new function HootSuite HootSuite users from immediately the synchronized implementation of social media campaigns on social networks such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter allows directly and everywhere from your desktop. Social networks under a hat with one click for individuals and businesses that regularly use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc., to friends, to provide family and other readers or customers, with news there is now a new alternative for the professional, synchronized presentation: leave messages with the new function of the desktop tools, distributing links and any kind of text directly from the desktop via the Social Media Manager HootSuite in the most popular social networks. HootSuite is an online service for individuals and businesses that ala multiple Internet platforms Want to use Facebook, Twitter and Google + sync for marketing campaigns. With the new feature, HootSuite,, a Quervernetzer is faster in the social network HootSuite: social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, to be the online service under a hat bring LinkedIn or WordPress. The clue? The desktop app in turn linked vertically all the desktop applications and skips impasses between several different actions: A Quervernetzer for the desktop. “Peter Oehler, COO at Axonic, says: with HootSuite two ideas complement each other ideally: the social net at the same time operate with HootSuite, and even with just one click thanks to” companies want their customers exactly there today reach, where they are: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. This means for companies but also several channels and networks at the same time to have to engage in and that HootSuite is perfect,”HootSuites CEO, Ryan says Holmes. Partner programs such as, that in our app To find directory, allow us to give our customers new, targeted tools to use the HootSuite dashboard on the hand and to satisfy the needs of our users.