Sign each page of the application, even if there is no special field exists. Dior is likely to agree. It is printed back in the original, here confirm the knowledge of this page with the signature. Then send you me the request (in addition to findings and questionnaires) Please scanned by E-Mail or fax. In case of enquiries we talk then before submitting. Route 2, the preliminary inquiry and then the application: Anders is performed here as in a submission of a no-obligation application review and the insurer then decides under what conditions he wants to offer insurance protection / can. Otherwise than at the request no insurance protection comes here through the answer of the company. The insurer first checks the risk and if necessary requesting additional documents, or has questions.

This option is suitable for everyone, the pre-existing conditions and has limitations, which lead to a surcharge or a not more “smooth” adoption. This is only one side of the Application form required. That is, with the health information. You wear them (as with the submission also) in the fields and return me this preliminary inquiry with all the required documents. After then the insurer has informed the assessment and the amount of risk work us, we decide together which variant is useful and appropriate. Then a corresponding application may be made and the process begins as above described under “Route 1”.

Summary: Are healthy and have can you make out of retirement, colds and flu to report, no other restrictions so (when deciding to society and collective was founded, and has been alone) directly propose. A preliminary inquiry would not make sense, because it is a “normal” assumption (without surcharges and restrictions). There are pre-existing conditions and / or to set limitations, disabilities or consequences of treatments, please no request, only a preliminary inquiry. This ensures the ‘not rejected Request”for the next application must be specified. This often leads to new constraints.