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Revenue shortfalls currently dominate the entire financial-services market. This is true both for the range of insurance products, investment assets such as also for closed-end funds and real estate. Answers to many questions are asked. First, however, the right questions must be asked. We I can enable my sales team now?”, why is just this product like lead in the drawer?”, like can I qualify permanently my sales team so that the sales of my products is safe? “and thus win and I believe competent sales partners?”, are just a selection.

” Vertrieb24 offers this with a team of experienced and specialized trainers and coaches, the right strategies as a problem solver”for exactly defined specifications as well as holistic qualifier for sales optimization. This team was formed to ensure sustainable solutions in the financial distribution. “Vertrieb24 is Vertriebsoptimierer and acts as all-round” service provider of training, consulting and coaching for Distributors. Subject to the highest quality standards and the fastest possible implementation of the measures is the service to be innovative and measurable provided. To do this, the existing actions and processes are analyzed, thus bottlenecks/growth potentials are recognized. Through clear target definitions follows the implementation of all necessary measures for the efficient achievement of the target. The clearly crafted platform see himself Solver – accurately preserves those details and reaction possibilities thanks to a precise menu navigation, they need to solve their problem and to make decisions has a special advantage. Vertrieb24 is exclusively aligned with the useful effect. A skilled and professional sales, investment is an investment in the future”, says Jorg Laubrinus of Vertrieb24.