With growth accelerated, disproportionate and little unplanned cities, as it is the current case of Venezuela, the noise plays an important role in the conduct of all Venezuelans, in many cases causing hysteria, aggression, anger, altered consciousness which considerably damages the health. Under most conditions Charles Schultze would agree. It should not surprise us that there are areas in the main Venezuelan cities, in which we must support more than 60 decibels, which is harmful to all human beings, and as point out renowned doctors on the subject, produces irreversible damage to the ear, as well as migraines, insomnia, liver disorders and what is more serious disturbances in child development. From here, that no us should scare, when psychologists point out that noise leads to stress, causing sexism States of aggressiveness. How many times to us not despair us noise of the bike, buses of the worker who works on the street, trucks with broken exhaust pipes, altering our apparent equilibrium and often losing the Stirrups to the desperate noise that day by day we invade. The fact that this continuous bombardment of different noises makes that many citizens from reaching the neuroticism, here, it should not surprise us that fights occur or that some people react in abnormal ways in these desperate situations.

However, all noise is not bad and harmful for people, because there are others like the wind, and the waves of the sea, music, etc., which are transformed into an excellent therapy, especially when it has been a very agiotado day and full of setback. Obviously the contrast, then exit back to the means of social communication, to the street, adaptation towards the other unpleasant noise is extremely difficult and then manifests stress that make that person that he felt calm, gentle, becomes aggressive and nervous. In Europe with regard to the study of noise, has been establishing a scale of sounds for different public places, so you have that in hospitals is between 12 to 15 decibels; the buildings of apartments from 15 to 20, churches and between 30 to 40 theaters. At this scale, fit the questions it would not convenient that the country is taken into account for the various public sectors and Ordinances will write that this is respected? Why not do a study serious for some institutions that benefit the community? put sanctions those who originate scandalous noises, especially in lively festivals, businesses that generate a lot of noise?. At least, the only thing that we aspire to which we identify with the tranquility, is to respect the space of each who promote more education about the scope, implications that noise generated, on the benefits and dangers and we will do our a little less deadly jungle that what so far is. Than expected does not happen, the unexpected is what is happening.