Use News

In particular, users of the catalog can search for specific products or services. If it does not fill the description of the company in these products / services, the Your proposal will not be found. 2. PUBLISH PRICE LIST FOR YOUR PRODUCTS / SERVICES. Many users come into the catalogs to see prices for some goods. To increase trust and interest in their price, Use the service publishing photos of products in the price lists (of course, if such service is available). 3. CONTACT NEWS.

Do this regularly and frequently. Usually on the page of the company is a reference to all its news. So Here the news will play the same role as the news on the site – show that the company alive and growing, and information about it in the catalog to date. Also, do news published on the main page of the catalog or in a special news section, and thus, once again distinguish your company from others. 4. PUBLISHES ARTICLE ON BEHALF OF YOUR COMPANY.

Typically, each article is accompanied by a catalog company name and a link to it. Article not just once once mentions the firm on the portal pages, but also shows its competence, which may be even more important than just the frequent mention. If there is no way to write an article on its own – borrow from other sites. True, this can be done only if a) at these sites is not prohibited by such borrowing, and b) at the end of the article, you specify the source site with a valid reference to it. If you know the author of the borrowed article – name it. Using other people’s articles thus does not contradict the ethics of the Internet. 5. Publish your ads, announcements about conferences and seminars. As in paragraph 3.4 of this benefit – the more frequent mention of the name of your company on portal pages. Of course, not all firms conduct seminars or conferences. But nobody forbids to publish announcements of “foreign” seminars or conferences (organizer only say thank you for the extra advertising that you give them doing). The fact that such publication will again refer to your company. In addition, the mention of your company next to an important industry event can contribute to its positive image. 6. Use Tools Communicating with visitors. Remember, however, that it is better not to use this service rather than do it badly. If the visitor directory, rather, is a visitor of your company, asked a question – answer it as quickly as possible. 7. MAKE THE RULES AND GUIDELINES OF CATALOGUE. The catalog companies have their own editors. They check the accuracy of the information are relevant, but the viability of the company website, etc. In case of violation of the rules, your company may simply be deleted from the catalog. But the rules are not usually very rigid and easy to perform. But the recommendations, if they are placed in the directory will allow you to more fully take into account all the nuances and characteristics in order to most effective use of opportunities offered. These are brief tips that can help you work effectively in the online catalog, to become known and respected participant in any major business site on the Internet. Of course, if this business area will be able to offer you a nice set of services.