Trip Apartment

The trip – where to stay in Ekaterinburg? If you do not like TV and the wall behind schedule, then you fit apartments. Wide choice of apartments prices are both extremely low and super-chic. Each apartment is individual. In addition, apartments for rent suggests the possibility of discounts for long-term placement. Among the apartments are always available it is an option that is right for you by price and quality. Removing the simplicity of the apartment is usually much easier than a hotel room. The hotel has on you without fail will require a passport, but in an apartment for rent may go to meet and settle on the driver's license or some other document. Agency will execute any documents that may be needed to design a short term lease, for example, to report daily apartment in accounting after trips.

There is no treatment and routine mode and the schedule you stay at the hotel sets the administration of the hotel. And they can easily refuse the entrance you invited guests. The apartment day you are installing such orders, what you want them. In reasonable, of course, limits to the neighbors did not have to call the police. The cost of apartments in the center of Ekaterinburg from 1,000 rubles for a modest one-room flat up to 4,500 rubles for a very comfortable two-bedroom apartment. The cost of apartments for rent in Botanic area and other sleeping areas Yekaterinburg ranges from 800 rubles. 3000 rub. per day.

What's especially nice that all these Rates per apartment, not per person. The hotel you have to pay a fee for each resident. The apartment for rent, in most cases, you pay a fixed amount, regardless of the number of people. It is very convenient if you drive a big company for a short time. In some cases, two-bedroom apartment, which can easily sleep ten people costs about five to six times cheaper than placing a dozen people at the hotel.