The Obama Principle

The German Federal Government parties have discovered Web 2.0 for yourself! The Federal parties arrived at Internet age and mobilize their constituencies poster donation portals. After the very successful but also quite dusty campaign strategies of in recent years, many federal parties in the current federal election campaign set to the power of the Internet. YouTube, Twitter and co. are extremely effective and based on close for the mobilization of its party members and the still undecided”used. Because Obama did it before and now all do it and the very successful. The political power struggle has shifted so in from the road on the Internet. But without street campaigning, respectively the our cityscape currently not away thinking election campaign posters and – circumstances, it isn’t yet.

But here, too, the Internet as a holistic approach shines. The calculation example is simple and goes on: make a poster portal, mobilize your voters and get poster donations. This simple but effective idea has the Internet Agency dpi one Finke & LOH oaths in cooperation with developed and successfully implemented. Thus the Green/clan 90 parties, the FDP and the left on a portal can be accessed today, by the inclined voters and the inclined voters of their party an election poster in XXL size (approx. 10 m m) pay for. And this quite simply and intuitively according to the proven principle of 123 poster: site search poster book select period. Quasi with three clicks from the passive voters to the active newsmakers the equation, thousands citizens join already! Every election campaign finds eventually ended and the tried and tested means of poster-donation Portal”will disappear then inevitably in the box of the strategic possibilities of the election campaign. But must this be so? Could this proven marketing tool be used even for very different opinion-mongering? There is not a wide variety of non-profit associations and groupings in Germany who discover this principle of cheap poster advertising for themselves could? Clearly yes and for this reason should be given to whether the Obama principle really only on the political world can be applied? Or whether a permanent way was created here for all to offer a wide mouthpiece, and again to make the poster advertising, what she was doing: the opportunity to advertise for anyone. Actually a nice idea, because Germany would colorful be.