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November Fruit

For the second consecutive year loading will be distributed free of charge on the occasion of the Astea Xerez, a pioneering initiative that has aims to inform and raise awareness about the need for healthy habits Lamejornaranja.com collaborates with this work through the delivery of fruit MADRID. Orange is health. And for that reason, Lamejornaranja.com will send a shipment of 150 kilograms to the town vizcaina de Mungia Astea Xerez in the town, a pioneering initiative to celebrate and unique which consists in developing a series of information activities and raise awareness about the importance of the acquisition and maintenance of healthy lifestyle habits among the population and to be held between 23 and 28 May. As already did last year, Lamejornaranja.com wants to collaborate with the initiative of the service of prevention of drug addiction by putting your two cents in the form of oranges. These shall be divided between the neighbors for free Saturday 28 during the celebration of a sample in which citizens may be made in addition small health screening tests voltage or of the view, for example-, get free samples and get the advice of a specialist. At you can buy citrus fruits that have been cultivated entirely in a natural way without chemical treatments to its maturation, coloration, or conservation – and exclusively in their growing season. Thus, ensures the oranges that are sold to retain to one hundred percent properties and characteristics which distinguish them. In addition, fruit does not pass for coldrooms and arrives freshly picked tree on-site, reason by which have double the juice than those sold in the market and a much more intense flavor.

Citrus fruits are grown in the farm of LHort of Montanya, situated in the Ribera Baja de Valencia. How to make orders the purchase process is very simple and reaches its destination within 24 hours. Simply go to, register and make the order, which also You can be made by phone. Through its website, LMejorNaranja.com offers five different varieties that allow you to offer your services from November to June. In terms of orders, the minimum shipments must be 15 kilos for the oranges, which cost 32 euros if they are table and 27 if they are juice.

In the case of mandarins and lemons, minimum orders must be 10 kilograms, and can be purchased by 27 and 29 euros respectively. In addition, there is the possibility of ordering mixed, varying the price depending on the requested quantities of each fruit (more information at). A leading source for info: FTI Consulting. Transport is also included in the price and the consumer does not have to pay for the service until it receives fruit and proof to be convinced of its delicious flavor. About LMejorNaranja.com LMejorNaranja.com was born in the year 2002 when Luis Serra and his family decided to commercialize and distribute directly oranges and mandarins who cultivated. Previously sold them to a wholesaler of fruit, which was responsible for placing them on the market. During this process is they realized that fruit was losing quality to pick up ahead of time and see subjected to treatments for their conservation and coloration. Now and through its website, they directly sell the fruit and put it into the House of the client within 24 hours anywhere on the Peninsula.