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The Wedding

It was possible to completely "Legitimate" grounds for a walk with friends / girlfriends, off to its fullest! But all should know when to stop! The main thing – not to make this event the day before the wedding! Otherwise, puffy eyes in the photos you provided. By the same reason you should not drink a lot of fluids in the evening before the wedding. Appearance should be appropriate. People such as Lancome would likely agree. Hairstyle must endure and embracing family at the wedding ceremony and a walk in any weather. Often, after such necking, your veil may be someone in your hands, get ready for this! Pins, barrettes in her purse at the witness stand – like water in a desert! Without them anywhere! On this day you have to walk, most likely, a lot.

Therefore, your shoes should be prepared for this ready! Having bought the shoes that do not need to remove them out of sight, leaving the last day. Walk around in them for an apartment, get used to them! After the selection of shoes, we are always at first she seems comfortable, but tend to put on it, we first day we feel uncomfortable. Take this! And yet the photographs will be your face, not shoes, and even as it must be fresh and rested. During shooting, no need to hold their breath while being careful also not to blink, portraying smile! Relax! Behave naturally, and then the photographer can take pictures that you'll be happy to consider. Better – a kind smile, than a serious mine on your face. You should not withdraw into yourself, thinking that ill get the photos. Look at the cat! She is not posing, it is natural! Find a common language with the photographer – a big plus! Photographers always tell how best to do list at the wedding ceremony, putting on a ring to each other, where it is worth watching. And best of all train yourself in the mirror – slowly, gracefully, to be seen and guests, and a photographer. It's certainly a ritual, but if the groom, his bride over his back, quickly put on her ring, it is unlikely Does the photographer have time to remove this solemn moment. Of course, much can be long and talk about the wedding preparations, but no good photos of your desire not to get! Helps the photographer around! Follow his advice and if your wedding you will long be read in their albums!