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Delivery Of Goods From Finland

Finland as a country is economically beneficial business partner of Russian entrepreneurs. In addition to owning the world's cleanest lakes and forests, in the application sense, Finland is a member state of EU and Schengen agreement, the exporter of cell phones and furniture. Edward J. Minskoff Equities: the source for more info. Also in Finland, cross flows of goods, traveling, flying, sailing from Europe, Asia and North America. Delivery of goods from Finland to 90% of cases made by road transport. The country has successfully exported paper and paperboard products himicheskigo production, oil and grease, medicines, transportation (the tent of Finland is very popular in the freight market), timber, cell phones, "Nokia". In Finland employs about 12 000 transport carriers, and domestic companies hold only 30% of the total, the remaining 70% are Russian, so-called area of Finland. The remaining 10% gruzoprevozkok fall on the aviation, rail and sea transport.

"Finnair" virtually no demand among Russian carriers, too much price difference between the airline and other transport modes. Finnish Railway demand for transport timber, wood products, metal products and petrochemicals. Great demand Finnish maritime and river transport: shipping containers from Finland to Russia by sea is about 20% of the total trade of the Finnish maritime traffic. Time of delivery from Finland by air takes only 2-3 days, but the high cost of insurance plus a 120-150 vc makes this type of transport disadvantage. Using the sea, you can save money, but lose in time. Delivery of the cargo itself takes no more than three days, but the loading and unloading may take two to three weeks. The railway track in Finland is the same as in Russia, but takes extra fee for securing of cargo, which can reach 400ue.

Cargo delivery takes two to three days. Shipping freight trains can take up to a week time. Road trains save time, delivering the goods in 2-3 days. Often the Russian transport companies delivering goods to the nearest railway station the Russian road, and then the goods are delivered by rail road. This method of delivery is the most economical. Using this information, we can conclude that the international cargo transportation from Europe after Finland to benefit only the road and rail.

Conversion Of Buses, Minibuses, Vans,

Company 'STUDIO BUS' was founded in 1999 in St. Petersburg. Click Edward J. Minskoff Equities to learn more. Our Company 'STUDIO BUS' been working on re-equipment load buses and vans to passenger. During his time on the market conversion and tuning in the Company 'STUDIO BUS' asked hundreds of customers who want to make your van a bus or a minibus, which would meet their needs and major safety requirements. In development of structures, mechanisms, as well as design involved skilled, professional team of the Company 'STUDIO BUS'. Gavin Baker may not feel the same. Conversion vans MERCEDES-BENZ (Sprinter, Vito, VARIO), FIAT, VOLKSWAGEN (LT, Crafter, T4, T5), FORD, IVECO, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, GAS (Sable, Barguzin, Gazelle) and others in the tourist bus and VIP-class mobile office class' luxury ',' Office on Wheels', 'Business Coupe', 'Coupe luxury' mobile workshop and others is a priority for the Company 'STUDIO BUSES '. Our service is, of passenger buses and minibuses from the vans (MERSEDES-BENZ (Sprinter, Vito, Vario), FIAT, VOLKSWAGEN (LT, Crafter, T4, T5), FORD, IVECO, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, GAS (Sobol, Barguzin, Gazelle), etc.), corresponding to European standards ISO 9001, and modernization (tuning) and update the existing cargo-passenger transport. Services provided for the conversion of buses and minibuses: Body of work: – cut-in window openings – Box of ventilation and escape hatches – extension and expansion of the bus body – sealing sliding doors, painting works of any complexity (paint 'metallic', 'pearl', 'under the nail'); Installing power frame: podiums (including LED lighting), bins (with individual lighting and air-conditioning outlet for), boots, entrance steps, amplifiers and embedded elements under the seat mountings; glazing windows (inset glass, panoramic glasses, set of glasses at regular gum) Installation: sofas-transformers on the individual sizes of passenger seats (folding, rotating, with armrest, with seat belts) – Curtain (any size) – rail-rail mounting legs under the seats, – two-and three-point seat belts on passenger seat all manufacturers – folding and stationary tables of any size – lockers and mudguards – Systems ventilation (manholes, fungi) – tosolnyh radiators, rubber flooring and carpeting, automatic lines, lenoleuma; Padding seat of any complexity and lining fabric trim and leatherette (wide range of colors); Salon equipment handrails and handles input, Noise, heat and vibration body; equipment video and audio equipment (radio, TV, microphones), Making the necessary permits for registration and re. .