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ZAB Central Academy

“Winning entry ‘ concept of the dementia training coach’ Angela Prattke brings new impetus for health food, flexi is the bearer of the German training award endowed with 10,000 Euro 2012 Prattke won the award with its concept of a training course to the dementia coach”. During a solemn ceremony, the prize was awarded to last night Angela Prattke. The winner is employed at the ZAB Central Academy of professions in the health care GmbH. The second prize went to Professor Dr. Lothar Abicht with his submission of SmartHouse training for women the female project smart house professionals'”.” The training of caregivers to dementia partners as an interface between the patient and clinic this is the approach of the award-winning concept by Angela Prattke.

Currently running its practical implementation as a pilot project, it was developed in the year 2010. It is aimed at health and nurse and consists of three modules. After its conclusion, the participants in the training course come In addition to enjoy of a remedial”care, deepened that what you learned in the practice context and supporting its implementation. Just concepts that get special relevance with look at the demographics in Germany, are increasingly important for functioning and on demand health care also for economic reasons. For the jury, this was also a crucial point as the didactic content of the concept of a training course to the dementia”coach. Contact information is here: Darcy Stacom.

As runner-up, Professor Dr. Lothar Abicht also received an award. He engaged house professionals titled female smart”. This involves the promotion of women in technology-related professions, especially in the area of intelligent building technology. The project started with 36 participants from 18 companies and is based on a scientific concept with three levels: workshops on the farms, facilitation of learning in the workplace, as well as promotion of self-organized learning.

DMS Intensive Seminars

Dates for the second half of 2013 of the 2 days intensive seminar enterprise content management: archiving, DMS, collaboration Sulzbach, 15 July 2013. The dates are fixed Zoller & partner ECM intensive seminars for the 2nd half of the year. In total, six events in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland are planned. Who wants to expand his knowledge around the topics of collaboration, enterprise content management, archiving and DMS, refresh, or get a first overview, is in good hands at this event, taking place successfully for over 15 years. “This is confirmed by the consistently positive reviews of participants: one of the best seminars that I’ve ever attended!” or entertaining, dynamic, good! About ++ “or” presentation: 10 out of 10 points. ‘ ” Reference character”. The two-day agenda covers all aspects of ECM solutions. Focuses on document management and electronic filing with topics such as market – and provider – product overview with Outlook to 2014, Document capture, differences in products to the automatic invoice processing, distinguishing features DMS – / ECM solutions, E-Mail and file system archiving, legal basis and procedure documentation and the development of an ECM strategy.

The seminar is rounded off by experience for the speakers, which can rely on a knowledge, the graphic representation of the topics with many practical examples, the views of current industry issues and the inclusion of the supplied tools and checklists. In this half of the dates found on 16th and 17th September 2013 in Hamburg, September 30 / 01 October 2013 in Zurich, 14 / 15 October 2013 in Frankfurt, 16 / 17 October 2013 in Vienna, 04 / 05 November 2013 in Berlin and 25 / 26 November 2013 place in Frankfurt. In addition to the extensive seminar documentation, which includes both checklists and project tools, the participants receive the current market overview documents management systems 2013 (62 systems, 1,200 pages).

Modern Music School Award

Apply from August 15, and Bremen win own videoclip, August 2012. Bands and solo artists, duos or boy bands? “No matter merits talent” is the motto of the first modern music award “contest at the waterfront. The shopping and leisure center on the river Weser seeks new musical acts from the 15th of August together with the modern Music School. There are many undiscovered talents, who now have a chance to present their songs a jury and the public,”Frank Koopmann and Stefan know Zeise of the modern music school of Bremen. Nir Barzilai, M.D. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We meet the candidates always with respect and at eye level. We want to put down anyone or even insult as it is the case unfortunately still in numerous TV casting shows.

We are concerned only the promotion of young talents.” Young people from 16 years of age who have no record deal or other professional obligations can participate. Also, the management in the center of the waterfront is looking forward to the musical contributions and expresses a desire to continue to cooperate with the school of music already. We can imagine to enter into a longer-term cooperation with modern Music School. The expertise of music experts in combination with our spatial conditions offers us many possibilities. Also we are always on the lookout for exceptional events for our visitors”, Centre Manager Peter Schneider confirmed.

Whether DJ lessons, guitar instruction, drums tuition or Gesangscoaching the merchant sees here a trend to which he would like to add the waterfront activities. We take very seriously the wishes and needs of our customers. “Just so we can ensure that visitors feel comfortable even in the long term for us,” said Peter Schneider continues. The cooperation with the modern Music School is an attempt, with competitions, workshops and?Performances to set new impulses. “Who wants to win the modern music award, sending his CV from August 15th to the waterfront Bremen, keyword modern music award”, AG Weser Strasse 3, 28237 Bremen.