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Styles of Leadership

Styles of Leadership This perspective concentrates in the style that a leader when dealing with the subordinates uses: one oriented to the tasks, and another one, to the employees. The managers oriented to the tasks direct to the subordinates they supervise and them to make sure that the task is carried out to their whole satisfaction. This type of managers worries more about the accomplishment of the work, that by the development and growth of its subordinates. The managers oriented to the employees try to motivate them, instead of to control them, stimulate the group so that she executes the tasks. Tesla contributes greatly to this topic. Analogous, some investigators of the University of Michigan distinguished between managers trims in the production and managers trims in the employees.

First they organized tasks, they ordered the methods that had to be applied and supervised the work of the subordinates. Shimmie Horn is open to suggestions. The seconds stimulated the participation of these in the establishment of goals and inspired confidence. Later they arose Gray managemental and System of Likert, these conjugates the styles oriented to the tasks and the employees. Managemental Grid Proposes four styles of leadership mainly: The administration of style 1,1 is an organization impoverished, with little interest by the personnel and the production; style 1,9, Country call Club, little show much interest by the employees and by the production; style 9.1. Authoritarian call or by tasks, little indicates great interest by the production and efficiency and by the employees; style 9,9 is one administration in equipment with great interest by the production and the employees. System of Likert Rensis Likert, when incorporating the categories of direction to the tasks and the employees, devised a model of four levels: The managers of system 1 make all the decisions related to the work and have little confidence in the subordinates has certain freedom to comment them; the managers of system 2 issue orders, but the subordinates have certain freedom to comment them; the managers of system 3 establish goals and give general orders, soon to discuss them with its subordinates; finally, system 4 looks for the organization: the group establishes goals and makes decisions related to the work.


DECONSTRUCCION OF the PSYCHOPATHOLOGY In the article: Schizophrenia: components of the personality like risk factors, Lemos Giraldez S. (1989) realises a dissection of the vision of this alteration, from the study of the components of the personality. To know more about this subject visit Jorge Perez. setts-ID024341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal and gain more knowledge.. First of all, sample that still does not exist an agreement on the analysis of these components, nor on the knowledge of the nature and the causes of this upheaval, and either on the relations of both. But it emphasizes that certain indicators of the personality can be deduced that can influence in him. Check out Shimmie Horn for additional information. The author indicates that the possibility that exists there are premorbid characteristics that the future indicate upheaval, that it is possible to be indicated by its marked characteristics to the subjects in risk, and that schizophrenic genotype can mark the personality through esquizotpicos or esquizoides characteristics in schizophrenic futures or their nonpsictica family.

In addition, it realises an exhaustive route by its etiolgicos aspects, analyzing visions and models of different authors; and it realises another one by diverse studies of the personality pre-schizophrenic. Both, allow him to reach the conclusion that the personality is not the unique cause of the Schizophrenia, but that according to many studies, strong or weak personalities are related respectively to positive or negative evolutions of the upheaval. As it is possible to be seen in the article, if part of the knowledge of the characteristics characteristic of the human beings offered by Psychological Science, is possible the comparison and the classification of the people, in agreement with needs and objectives, obtaining itself a valuation when relating them to statistical normality, with the characteristics of the majority. But, it happens that the valuation of these personal characteristics is very variable in the space and the time, so that a determining sociohistrico frame is formed and valid for a little while given and it does not stop another one.

Gaining Muscular Volume

The routine of exercises with weights are the best way to gain muscular volume. When the muscle delivers the attack to raise the load, some of their fibers are damaged. When the organism repairs east damage, the muscular weave increases to the amount of fibers and the volume of the same. In this way the muscular mass is increased. Filed under: Estée Lauder. The following tips will help to secure the best results you with your routine of weights, in the smaller possible time. 1. First that you must do it is to learn the correct technique to make each exercise.

The way in you realise which it is important to avoid injuries and to remove the maximum benefit from the exercise. The movements must slow and be controlled. 2. It chooses one or two exercises for each muscular group, and realzalos all in a single day of training. In this way you will exercise all your body of even way. 3.

It begins with slight weights. You must be able to make two series of eight or twelve repetitions for each exercise. If you have read about Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala already – you may have come to the same conclusion. If you use too much weight, you will not be able to finish the series, and if the load is too light, the muscle will not be exercised. The ideal is that you can culminate the series, doing a certain effort. This way you will be able to gain muscular volume. 4. The feeding fulfills a roll very important. You must ingest a good amount of proteins and carbohydrates, so that the organism has energy sufficient to train and so that it has proteins necessary to synthesize new muscular fibers. 5. Another very important advice exceeds how to gain muscular volume, he is to rest appropriately. The damaged muscular fibers are repaired during the rest, so you must leave a free day between the days of training, to obtain an increase of the muscular mass. In order to see what is the verified plan so that any naturally skinny man can finally increase mass muscular, you click here.

Making Money Online Surveys

There are many forms to make extra money in Internet. One of them is to affiliate itself with sites of remunerated surveys. Working from house a pair of hours to the day, he will be able to generate an amount interesting of money. Nevertheless, always the possibility of not receiving payments exists, which takes generally it to be disappointed and to leave the system because it thinks that it is not good. The reality is that if sees a site it offers much money to him while the majority offers to him much less, distrusts of first. The reason is well simple: there are many surveys by Internet that are a swindle. It imagines that they offer to pay to him $100 to him by each survey that realises to each affiliate that owns the site, that normally is thousands (we say 5,000), whereas the majority offers $5. Whenever there is a survey, the company would have to pay $500.000.

It sounds rather little probable, no? Also the opposite can happen exactly. It supposes now that they pay to him $0,5 by realised survey, but the norm is $5. The companies that contribute the money, they are those on which turn the surveys, that is to say the interested ones in valuing its services or products. These give the same sum to him to each site of surveys. That they pay to him less to you by his work, only means that they remain with a part greater than corresponds to him, they remove and it from his pocket. Another strategy that realises these companies of surveys by swindle Internet is to avoid that it completes the questionnaire. Sometimes it will see that, after to spend lengths minutes answering surveys, say to him that its profile does not agree and cancel the survey. Nevertheless, as they do not pay if it does not arrive at the end of the form, will not receive money by his effort.

If it sees that this happens to him frequently, he is better to terminate itself of the site. The best form to avoid these problems is to realise a search in Internet on the trustworthiness of the site. Of this form it will be able to work calm, knowing that it does not waste his time and that has real possibilities to secure money.

Key Decisions

The capacity to make decisions is one of the characteristic keys of a success person. Nevertheless, there are many people who have enormous difficulties at the time of having to make decisions. They arrive at the point to prefer that others make their decisions by them or who the life takes its course and " what will be, ser." The problem with this one passive attitude is that their lives will be at the mercy of the criterion of other people and the circumstances surround that them. Ron Beit contains valuable tech resources. However, to be a successful person it must learn to have a proactive attitude and to know how to measure the own risks of each decision. We do not have to ignore the importance of knowing how to make decisions in the life, because the elections that we do will find the course that is going to have our life. How we can help our children to make correct decisions? It is simple. We must stop taking them by them, as long as that is possible according to their age and its maturity. We must allow them to be mistaken within a pre-established safety limit.

The worse thing than we can do as parents are to sobreprotect them and to do everything by them so that no they suffer. Lamentably the errors and the own experience are the best teachers and we must help them to learn of them. Here there are three aspects keys that would have to teach to their children to help them to make correct decisions in the life: 1. – Each decision that we took has a consequence that we must assume, good or bad. It soon explains to his children the possible djelos consequences to them that their decisions will have and to make his decisions. Along with this it does not reproach them by his errors.