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Love Surpasses Limits

One test of love. PlayArte Pictures. 2009 (U.S.A.) Nicholas David Rowland American Cassavetes cineasta been born in 1959, in the city of New York, director of the film ‘ ‘ One proves of amor’ ‘ , which published as central subject of the film: drama and familiar conflict. Also it participated of other international films as ‘ ‘ Apario’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The Daily one of one paixo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Great assalto’ ‘ many others. When it completed two years of Kate age presented symptoms of some illness which its parents Sara and Brian were unaware of. After that, they had taken the son to the doctor and the results of the examinations had disclosed to be acute leukemia, changedding itself into a familiar conflict. After some attempts, the picture of Kate presented problematic symptoms daily. According to Jorge Perez, who has experience with these questions.

From this the doctor considered one ‘ ‘ fertilizao in vitro’ ‘ , with the idea of a baby test tube to help in the treatment, really this happened. Anna was born, and submitted it some surgeries and transfusions to collaborate in the recovery of the sister, and had an infantile conscience, that it was for the good of its family. Anna when it completed eleven years, was in search of its proper rights, therefore it wants to decide alone what to make with its body, nor that it has that to fight therefore in justice being demanded a medical emancipation. Sara is horrified with the legal action, and as it was accustomed to gain all the cases when it exerted law, it decides the cost all to keep alive Kate. Had to this, nobody gave account that the situation was based on the decision of the proper Kate, that was ready to leave, and to leave that its family continued living normally, following its proper route. thus was concluded, Kate did not resist the illness and after some time the Jesse brother it is if forming in the academy of arts, Sara came back to exert its profession as lawyer, Brian if it retired, but it supports problematic young and Anna, with the infinite souvenir of its beloved sister, which never will forget, after all was for Kate that Anna exists. A test of love is, without a doubt, one film that fulfills its proposal, that is to present a emotive tram, making with that we must reflect.

The subjects of the film are extremely controversial and deep, mainly the generation of child with the only intention to serve of donation, this is chocking and more disappointing still it is to see as history prevents to argue the subject, leaving only the central subject that is the interminable illness of Kate. After all, it is just to conceive a child with the only intention to save another one? Not, it is not just, but unhappyly the film is not worried very in showing this question. But on the other hand, it counts on a history that at the same time is pretty and sad, passing the gorgeous lesson of acceptance of the death, and finally we must agree that Nick Cassavetes made a film with the only intention to move. Resenhado for Leticia Mariane de Brito Brando.

Stock Market Program

AM happens of the accomplishment of period of training in the extinct City department of Assistncia Social (SEMASC)? that currently it is known as City department of Social Assistance and human Rights (SEMASDH), in the period of 2005 the 2008 As cadastradora of the Program Stock market Family through Only Cadastro of the Federal Government, was possible to observe the reality of the families who if found in situation of social vulnerability, without access to an adjusted feeding, worthy housing, education of quality and work. Acting in one of the first teams of Only Cadastro in 2005, under the responsibility to register in cadastre families who were in situation of social vulnerability, then the inexperincia in the execution of the Program was seen as much on the part of the responsible ones as of the cadastradores. The information were failed to meet. For the cadastradores, it did not have difference enters I register in cadastre Only Stock market Family, after a time the information had only started to be clarified, understanding Cadastro as a database (operational system) and the Stock market Only Family, as program of transference of income of the Federal Government. This absence of clarity regarding the Program made it difficult its viabilizao. What more it bothered was the form as the residences were selected register in cadastre to carry through it. At a first moment the residences most humble and that they had children could be chosen to participate of the registration of Cadastro Only, such attitude brought a discomfort, therefore little if it knew of the Program and many times we arrived at the residences of numerous families and that they did not have children, and I register in cadastre unhappyly it was not done.

Pedagogical Information

The technology supplies an excellent platform, a conceptual environment, in which the children can collect information in some formats and, then to organize, to visualize, to bind and to discover relations between facts and events. The pupils can use the same technologies to communicate its ideas to other people, to argue and to criticize its perspectives, to persuade and to teach other people and to add bigger levels of understanding its knowledge in expansion. Thus, the learning passes to be seen as something that the pupil makes and not something that is made for it. For this, the professors must constantly take decisions on that aspects to teach, to relate, to question, to retake, to stimulate, to manipulate, to argue, to memorize and to correct, before passing to the other contents and mainly to recognize its limitations. The professors already cannot more choose between using or not using, to like or not to like computers. The market of work, the universities and the parents of the pupils demand a pertaining to school formation that becomes the young capable to interpret an amount more than each time information.

Computer science as it disciplines deals with the process of information, we can affirm that the proper technology if transformed into a learning object. It fits to the professors and the school to find an interaction between education, the social necessity of the pupils, experiences and the use of the computer. The pupils need to be involved with the teach-learning process, with used software, the scenes and the proposals, need to be coherent with its day-by-day. In accordance with Pipe (1998), ‘ ‘ Educative software is a set of projected informticos resources with the intention to be used in context of education of aprendizagem’ ‘ . (p.169).

It is important and necessary to analyze, of multicriteria form, softwares launched as pedagogical programs in the market of computer science, before applying them as a didactic instrument that in the aid to reach the educational objectives in ampler way and that the borders of the classroom and the school. The Internet means many nets of communication different, that are directed and operated for a great amount of organizations, that are on, interconnected collectively and can be used as instrument of communication, research and production of knowledge. For the education, the Internet can be considered the most complete, including and complex tool of learning. The knowledge acquired for the Internet establishes a different dynamics of that finding in books, the use pedagogical of the nets offers to the pupils and professors the possibility of being able to clarify its long-distance doubts, the professor must be a facilitador of the knowledge, capable to guide the pupils, guiding them to select and to contextualizar what it is excellent in the sea of available information. The main tools of the Internet, possess pedagogical applications and assist in the changes of the classrooms and can be: educational resource, instrument of communication, accomplishment of projects, conveyance of contents, aid to the research and the professional development of the professors. The good professional in the current days defines itself for capacity to find and to associate information, to work in group and of if communicating with nimbleness. The pupil whom to know to deal with unexpected and if adapting quickly to the changes, making research and to interpret the data, will have a good future.