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Permanent Military Forces

The government may not impair the social rights of workers by the decrees referred to in this article. PARAGRAPH. The government will send to the Constitutional Court the day after the issue legislative decrees issued in exercise of the powers provided in this Article, to that decision on its constitutionality. If the government does not comply with the duty of sending them apprehend the Constitutional Court will automatically and immediately your knowledge. CHAPTER VII – PUBLIC FORCE ARTICLE 216. The security forces will be composed exclusively by the Armed Forces and National Police. Chris Sower may not feel the same.

All Colombians are obliged to take up arms when the public needs require it to defend national independence and public institutions. The law shall determine the conditions at all times exempt from military service and benefits for service thereof. ARTICLE 217. The Nation will for defense Permanent Military Forces established by the Army, Navy and Air Force. The Armed Forces have as their primary purpose the defense of the sovereignty, independence, national territorial integrity and constitutional order.

The law shall determine the replacement system in the Armed Forces, as well as promotions, rights and obligations of its members and the special regime of career benefits and disciplinary, that is theirs. ARTICLE 218. The law organizes the body of Police. The police is a permanent armed body of a civilian nature, in charge of the Nation, whose primary aim is to maintain the conditions necessary for the exercise of rights and public freedoms, and ensure that the people of Colombia live together in peace. The law shall determine their system of career benefits and disciplinary. ARTICLE 219. The Public Force is deliberative may not assemble except by order of lawful authority, or direct requests, except on matters that relate to the service and the morality of the respective body and under the law. The members of the security forces can not exercise the function of the vote while on active duty or be involved in activities or discussions of political parties or movements. ARTICLE 220. The members of the security forces can not be deprived of their degrees, honors and pensions, but in the cases and manner determined by law Article 221. Of the crimes committed by members of the armed forces on active duty, and in relation to the same service heard by courts martial or military tribunals, according to the requirements of the Military Penal Code. Such courts or tribunals shall consist of members of the Armed Forces on active duty or retired. (Modified by Legislative Act No. 2 of 1995) Article 222. The law determines the career development systems, cultural and social development of members of the security forces. In the early stages of their training, they provide teaching of the foundations of democracy and human rights. ARTICLE 223. Only the Government can introduce and manufacture weapons, ammunition and explosives. No one may own or carry without permission of the competent authority. This permit may not extend to cases of attendance at political meetings, elections, or meetings of public corporations or assemblies, whether to act on them or to witness them. Members of the national security agencies and other official armed bodies, permanent, established or authorized by law, may carry firearms under the control of government in accordance with the principles and procedures to this point.

Distribution Logistics Management

Analysis of case studies on the reality of quality and productivity in domestic firms so that action is taken towards: Manage and implement appropriate tools and philosophies of Total Quality in industrial processes of SMEs and medium enterprises. Establish comprehensive assurance programs and continuous improvement in industrial sector firms in preference to small and medium. Specific applications of tools and philosophies of Total Quality in industrial processes. Applications of knowledge and tools and philosophies of quality, ensuring quality of service offered in the different activities involved, Companies, Organizations, Health, Transport, Banking, Tourism, Universities. Learn more about this with Edward J. Minskoff Equities. The program has emphasized in its applicability, rationale, defining lines of research ranging from all matters concerning the efficient use of the knowledge and tools involving problems, corrections, models, suggestions conducive to human resources technology, service, and financial. For this, we have established the following lines of research that they can select for the submission of their degree work, research work with the national reality and manifest way to better engage business and other sectors ensuring the quality and productivity in Venezuela. Topics Lines modern management research and its applicability, effects on the quality and productivity Quality and Productivity and environmental responsibility in the management of processes and quality assurance audit of the quality human resources and their role in the quality and productivity. Design and deliver technical training for Quality and Productivity in Human Resource Management companies and achieving quality customer service Distribution Logistics Management based on the quality and productivity measurements of the impact of the implementation of philosophies, tools Quality Defining Quality trends or design an improvement plan for the organizations, so that they comply with national regulations and international quality standards, promote productivity and achieve business goal.

OEM Years

Miniature hexapod offer the proven hexapod parallel kinematic systems from physics instruments (PI) with great freedom of movement precision positioning in six axes with accuracy below 1 m. The new miniature hexapod M-810 requires minimal space. With a diameter of only 10 cm and a height of 118 mm travel, he offers up to 40 mm in the XY-plane and up to 13 mm in Z-direction. To deepen your understanding Nir Barzilai, M.D. is the source. The position resolution of the single leg is through the used high-accuracy brushless special DC motors and the high-resolution encoder only 40 nm. The mini hexapod positioned loads reliably up to 5 kg and achieved speeds up to 10 mm / s. Despite the compact design, yet the required driver Electronics was integrated into the basic platform of the mini hexapods. Control is 100% compatible with all previous models in the hexapod comfortably over an Ethernet connection.

As with all hexapods PI commanded the position in Cartesian coordinates. Parallel kinematic systems have some advantages over stacked Mehrachspositionierern. All six appear Actuators on a common platform, which the moving mass is low. There is here no addition of leadership failures and tilting of axes. The freely definable by software command center of rotation remains regardless of the movement. Known for high quality, the company PI occupies a leading position on the world market for precise positioning technique for many years. For 40 years, develops and manufactures PI standard and OEM products with piezo – or motor drives. In addition to three German plants, PI is represented worldwide with eight branches and a total of over 500 employees.

Jewelry Berber In Marrakech

You can not jewels play an important role in the life of women in the majority of countries, especially by the fact that they represent an essential element which reflects its beauty. In Morocco, jewelry and silverware also play an important role while part essential of its rich and varied handicrafts. In this article I will try jewelry Berber as one of the best examples of knowledge – make unique and specific Berber Morocco goldsmiths and artisans. Berber jewelry is often considered synonymous with silver. If Islamic tradition forbids men to carry gold, it is not the case for women, although everyone in the major part of cases the families aren’t sufficiently rich as for that their women ornamented with gold. In addition, the jewelry is used to melt and sell in times of shortage, to be eventually played. Berber women, adorned with heavy bracelets, bracelets and necklaces in the form of long chains fastened by two snaps, often carrying all the Fortune family, as if they were a sort of walking Bank. These great bracelets and heavy chains were used as defensive weapons, which tend to have the form of sharp and pointed diamonds.

If you have to face some danger, women could then topple his attacker taking advantage of the momentum of his arm and the weight of the cuff. Tiznit is a city of Morocco where the jewelers have specialized in silver work for centuries. In it all kinds of jewellery creations, can find from modern jewelry to traditional jewelry, as well as jewelry inspired by traditional motifs Berber but adapted to modern life. Many pieces of jewelry and silverware Moroccan are not recorded, though the absence of stamps does not imply that the silver is low quality. It simply means that the piece was made by an independent artisan who perhaps didn’t pay many taxes in any case, the seal is a guarantee and any discussion with the jeweler will reveal that he knows exactly how that made their works.

Posting Free Ads

If you are thinking to publish Internet free classifieds to sell something and want to obtain results quickly is important that you follow a few tips to make your ad more effective. -The title of your ad must clearly indicate the product you are selling, as well as the make and model if applicable. Include keywords in your ad title. These are those employing the potential buyer to search your item by Internet search engines. With this, will do to your listing appear better positioned in the results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like. You may wish to learn more. If so, Fabrizio Freda is the place to go. -Includes a complete description of your product.

If you are selling a car, indicates all the extras you have, fuel, km, etc. If it’s a flat, describes the characteristics of the housing, soil type, if you have furniture, etc. Many times, when you publish an ad, people write a very brief description, and that this makes very little attractive for buyers. -Indicates the price of your product. In many cases your ad will be discarded if you do not include the price of for sale. If this is negotiable, it is important to also put it. Buyers usually do not call to ask the price if it does not. -Accompany your listing with one or several photographs. Learn more on the subject from Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX.

This is one of the most noteworthy aspects and which in many cases is overlooked. An ad with photo receives many more visitors than other that does not include it, if in addition we can include several better than better. -As regards contact information, it is advisable to indicate your phone number in addition to the e-mail (which is usually compulsory). This will provide greater reliability and confidence to your listing. Publish ads that sell is easy, you only must spend a little time in drafting its contents so that our product will soon find a buyer. To make the process of buying and selling successful necessary that the seller knows to display your product and seller find it attractive and according to their needs.

Stair Lifts

Indeed, there is the appropriate technique. The stair lift which allows in most cases that the affected person not because of a lapidary stairs must move comes from the field of rehabilitation technology. Who thinks about buying a stair lift, should note some things, before signing a contract or order to the installation. First, you should inquire whether and under what conditions there are grants from one of the insurance carriers or the social services. Usually also the consultant of respective manufacturers and retailers can help in answering this question.

Because the handicap person on the smooth operation of the stair lift is dependent on, the question is also after the service of the company at a loss of the crucial technology. What is the use of the best technology when it doesn’t work and it possibly for days waiting for a repair? In Germany is the safety of rehabilitation technology from time to time it can be checked and Certificates issued. Ask the provider! A stair lift consists of a Chair made of plastic, usually with folding armrests, where the controls are located; a metal rail and a drive motor. The user must only close up, sit down, press a button and it goes up or down the smooth ride as if by magic.

Effective Protection Against Flu Viruses

A new product from the field of nano technology provides effective protection against bacteria, viruses and bacteria in the air. The new coatings based on photocatalytically active titanium dioxide with the material until its almost unbelievable properties given scale by the reduction of titanium dioxide particles in the Nano. So is the new technology that is available under the brand name TitanShield recently able to decompose as well as all kinds of bacteria, viruses and germs to 99.9% within a very short time. This property has an effect not only on the surface itself, but also in the air surrounding them. Under most conditions Albert Einstein College of Medicine would agree. This is a perfect solution especially indoors, because here, for example, ceilings, walls, or even curtains can be coated subsequently. The coating is easily done spraying, because the material is in the form of a liquid at the disposal. By the way also still perfectly counteracts the totally invisible after the order coating unpleasant odours and despite their incredible Effectiveness of completely harmless for humans and animals. The titanium dioxide used in TitanShield is photocatalytically active.

In contact with light, called oxygen radicals are formed on its surface. This activated oxygen very effectively kills bacteria and viruses. Even aggressive pathogens such as SARS, H5N1 or H1N1 be reliably decomposes on contact with the surface. This effect lasts long, as no resistance. The activated oxygen degrades not only viruses and germs, but also odor molecules and air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and organic particulate matter effectively and disintegrate organic dirt particles coming into contact with the surface. The new technology particularly in schools, kindergartens, retirement homes is used, so anywhere where many people come together and a transmission of viruses and germs through the air can pose a threat.