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Developed for a team of physiotherapists of the Center of Levitas Well-being, the Fisiofitness Teen searchs to stimulate the healthful habit of the small ones by means of the practical one of physical activity. Arthur F. Burns can aid you in your search for knowledge. With the arrival of the February month, parents and children already had abandoned the euphoria of the vacations to dedicate the purchase to it of pertaining to school material demanded by the institutions of education in the return to the lessons. But he will be that he had a concern with the health of the children and the adolescents before choosing the personage dolo that will print the pencils, the pencil sharpeners and the layers of notebooks? Independent of the reply it is important to take the cares necessary to prevent that this galerinha develops serious illnesses in the future, therefore is alarming the number of adolescents who suffer with posturais alterations and pains in the column due to the related habits to the pertaining to school activities. Between the main harmful factors they are the excess of weight carried in the knapsacks, the way as they are loaded, the used model, beyond the time of permanence with them in the coasts. Second authorized study for the Committee of Ethics for Analysis of Research in the Hospital of the Clinics and the College of Medicine of the University of So Paulo (HC-FMUSP), they exist based measures of intervention in postural education that can change these habits significantly, mainly in what it says respect to the use of knapsacks. The research still affirms that the acceptance of the adolescents for this type of programs considered for physiotherapists is very good. ' ' Basic recommendations exist to be followed for parents and children. To start for the knapsack, whose model must be lightest possible and always to have two handles so that the transport is made with support in the two shoulders. .

Nietzsche And The Anarquismo

Whenever determining from Nietzsche is invoked some conceptual perspective to base something it Anarquismo appears somebody that says: ' ' Nietzsche was against the Anarquismo' '. However, through the comparison it enters the concepts proceeding from the workmanship of the German philosopher and of the deriving concepts of the anarchic movement, it is possible to perceive certain complementaridades and, even though, some similarities. From this problematic one, the objective of this text is to identify from where the critical one of Nietzsche to the Anarquismo comes, evaluating which are the implications of these critical to a possible conceptual dialogue between Nietzsche and anarchists. Such perspective of research is supported from a philosophical tool that the proper Nietzsche relegated in them: the experimentation of the thought. The main advantage of this method is that it can become possible the multiplication of conceptual possibilities e, thus, to make possible the creation of the new, the different one. If you would like to know more then you should visit Edward Minskoff. The experimentation possesss much space also in the anarchic speech. For already initiating the dialogue of the two fronts intellectual, I remember the words of Chomsky on the experimentation: ' ' when in them we come back to the questions of vastly more complex importance human being, the understanding is very small, and has much space for divergence, experimentation, intellectual explorations of possibilities of the real life and possibilities, that help in them to learn mais' ' i. Favorable situation, therefore, to try the thought in the politics, the social organization, psychology, the existencialismo, the education, the culture, in the philosophy, practically in any epistemolgico field therefore what he is not complex today?.


It was a penalty, therefore when new they always prepared he sobrava for Severino. It always gave advice new, but almost he did not advance. Severino started to have a new vision of as not to suffer more with that situation being, calling the father and saying: – Father believes, you that we live ne a wonderful land? – My son you this lease! – Father, with all the respect does not believe, you that of a form or another one the suffering is the contrast of the wealth perhaps and that if we suffer as well as I apanho for my brother to give to bad taste one day to you I I will grow and observe that I apanhei because I am older and did not know to talk with new! – My son is not that this I reveal something, you does not deserve to suffer for its brothers and the next disgust that they to bring me will teach I them I eat they to learn the sea and to respect the life. The father of Severino was considered professor therefore almost every day was in the school, and in that day he was not different, therefore when present being he asked for to freedom the teacher and he pulled the four boys for the arm all lassoed and took the wagon and while he took he fulled them of you cover. Please visit Edward Minskoff if you seek more information. There. .para father ui.aiaiai ……. this aches Severino at the same time that it was sad was happy therefore its problems to have that to hide the hematomas and to apanhar for the brothers new if it had finished. It never thought that with only some words as the ones that it talked but the problems brought of form that its parents could understand would be decided, therefore you always give of the eight years who it apanhava, without deserving. Details can be found by clicking Ashton Kouzbari or emailing the administrator.

School Participation

In the last meeting of 2004, the positive and negative points of carried through meeting had been raised, still, proposals for 2005. As for the positive points, one consists that the lectures had served of reflection for changes in the attitudes of professionals, the improvement of the relationship of the families and the school. The families they had started to have voice in the pertaining to school environment. How much to the negative points, it was registered absence of some families of the Frum in the meetings, the lack of support to the administrative procedures in the school and to little attention given to the Frum for the school. The proposals for 2005 were characterized in lectures for pupils, familiar, employee, for bigger knowledge of what she is a person with NEE; a new call to the families of the school for the participation of the meetings and oportunizar bigger dialogue between the families and professors. In the first meeting of 2005, the families had argued the participation of other parents of the region in the Frum, not losing of sight the identity of this, as well as its conquests and its deliberative character. The families had agreed to the participation of other parents of the community, but they had considered that she was accomplished in the year of 2006, therefore feared the discrimination with the unification of the Frum.

The mother of Hugo told the discrimination that the son already suffered, however, at that moment it it liked them colleagues and them professors. He was a happy pupil and it advanced in the discovery process. We can evidence with the story of this mother the importance of the school if insert in the process of reflection of its practical, in the search to become the environment most inclusive, that is, to guarantee the access, permanence and the learning of quality.