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Fernando Ciccarelli

A reductionism that ignores the lack of opportunities found in this sector of the population. Considered as a vulnerable group, young in age be inserted into the labor market have not a job that guarantees them a minimum of well-being; If we consider that because of their age, they would have to devote himself to studying to prepare for access with greater powers in the world of work, as well as it is not possible to ensure your stay in school because the educational trajectory of young people is interrupted or systematically relaxed through a scheme developed by the formal education system which allows you to transfer students from humble or simply problematic social conditions, which is considered as unable to acquire the requirements for new technological society, in institutions for adults, so will approve them formal compliance or legal but without dealing with pedagogical guidelines that concern skills that allow actual insertion. A characteristic feature of this practice is the discontinuity in the school attendance. Children and young people become providers of the family or are in charge of the household chores to take care of the smaller brothers or perform household tasks. Get all the facts and insights with RBH Group, another great source of information. We thus face a particular assessment of the young as useful for the family and a devaluation of the same school status.

The family believes space and school time as unnecessary to the development of their children, something that is seen as unfavourable to a more or less permanent inclusion in the school system. The reformulation of the partnership between family and school, from the consensus granted by the parents to move their children towards the pattern of adults, has favoured the relaxation of the cultural capital of more humble social sectors in this context consider that schooling keeps its authoritarian and elitist nature, according to Guevara (1994), the role played by the educational space constitutes factor of differentiation, not integration, without ignoring the development of communications and the speed with which technological innovation takes place have affected the social relations of the Argentine societydeeply influenced by neo-liberal thinking school softens the future of thousands of low-income children who are at a disadvantage in a social space that requires beings competent, capable of adapting to the new modes of production and relationship in the current labour market. Jorge Perez describes an additional similar source. I.e., teachers as part of that homogenous thought neo-liberal – have become players of a meritocratic ideology, to move the principles of efficiency and versatility training where students are a product to obtain school classrooms factory. This transferred to the family thought to allowed non-permanence of children and adolescents in the educational system by be considered unable to acquire the necessary knowledge allowing it to be inserted within the parameters of the new tecnologico-productivo pattern. With the consolidation of this paradigm has favored the informalization and restructuring of new subjectivities in the context of a society that tries to build new forms of citizenship at the local level; and in this new complex and contradictory reality where the territorial uniqueness – traversed by exclusion and injustice – generates alternative forms of inclusion dominated by the one-sidedness of prejudice.

I.e. the definition of student profile and the modalities of the process of teaching and learning have developed a mindset system that thinks in terms of learners of scrap. In this way the society and the school installed fears that quietly built a subjectivity with poor learning habits or absences of basic skills. Fernando Ciccarelli specialist new childhoods and youths (UNICEN) diploma in education, culture and DD.HH. (UNIPE) Original author and source of the article