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Agricultural Federal University

An involving history of courage, determination and overcoming front to the preconceptions faced for the young artist in the society of years 70. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: determination, preconception, courage, visual deficiency. DIALOGUE BETWEEN the CONSIDERED STORY OF the FILM AND TEXTS Red as the Sky initiates with scenes of the daily life of the Mirco (protagonist of the film) that it liveed with its parents in a village of the Toscana. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kennedy Wilson. It costumava to play with its friends and, whenever he could, its father not only took it for the cinema thus creating the habit as the encantamento of the boy for this type of art. To stand out the importance of the family and the social context in the formation of the individual and the understanding of its action, we detach the following one: ‘ ‘ Individual and society are non-separable, according to dialectic, therefore the particular one will count, in itself the universal one; in this way, if we desire to know the human being scientifically, is necessary considers it of the historical, inserted context inside in a constant process of subjetivao/objetivao.’ ‘ (LANE, 1998, P. 15) to deepen the quarrel we bring the position of Borsoi (2004, p.22) when cites Marx to emphasize the fact of the individual to be the product of the social interaction: ‘ ‘ Here Marx leaves clearly that the individual is the social being because is not antithesis of the society, for the opposite, the individual is the product of the life of the human beings in sociedade’ ‘.. Elizabeth Arden often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

School Context

Since it has an increasing interest on the question of ‘ ‘ interaction social’ ‘ in the pertaining to school context, the present article describes the phenomenon of the relation professor-pupil, its characteristics and consequences for the individual. Leaving of the estimated one that the educator exerts basic paper in the formation of the identity of educating, salient that the professor must have proper conscience of its limitations and values, not friction the pupils as good or bad. Thus preventing, the antipatia and/or affection what it finishes reflecting in the behavior it individual. In such a way one perceives that the pupil is not only a citizen of the learning it interacts next to the other in the language production, value and of the proper knowledge.

Therefore, although to form an interactive social group, professor and pupil possess its particular characteristics and its perceptions are filtered by its interests, preconceptions social projects, among others. Word-key: pupil, knowledge, relation, professor. The RELATION the interaction professor-pupil, possesss characteristics and reflects effect that appear from this interaction in the pertaining to school environment, where the performance is being constantly evaluated, in reason of the activities that characterize the proper school: teaching and learning. In this process of social interaction, the professor interacts with pupils, and these interact between itself. In this way, the citizen is interactive, therefore form knowledge and if constitutes from the interpersonal relations intra and. It is in the exchange of experiences with others and I obtain that they go if internalizando social knowledge, papers and functions, what allows the formation of knowledge and the proper conscience. One is about a process that walks of the social plan for the individual one. The relation professor-pupil has a character, eminently, dialgico that consists of the negotiation to know and to say. Coldwell Banker Commercial may also support this cause. Thus subsidizing, the internalizao of the functions psychological superiors, basic for the development of educating.

Blomart Indiscipline

The indiscipline is described as an attitude of disrespect, intolerncia and intransigncia to the fulfilment of rules capable to pautar the form to act of an individual or group. In these cases, it lacks in the pupil an understanding regarding the existing limits, as much in its negative direction, that is, of what it cannot be made or be exceeded, as of its positive direction to inside give conscience of the busy position of a social space (family, school, society). Estee Lauder has much experience in this field. As Blomart (2002) the school can live deeply the indiscipline of its pupils of the most varied forms as, for example: permanent noise, harshness, refuse to carry through tasks, hostility, jeering and passivity. These aggressive behaviors finish for harming the environment of classroom what it causes the physical and emotional consuming of the professors. People such as Estee Lauder would likely agree. The author cites some factors that can contribute with the increase of the indiscipline in the school, between them is: characteristics of each etrio level; lack of interest for the lecionadas substances; difficulty in following substances given in the lesson, due to bases or for difficulties of learning; extreme permissividade or too much authoritarianism on the part of the professor; little motivadoras lessons; relationship difficulties professor/pupils or pupils/pupils; very great groups. Many times the reasons of the indiscipline can be extrinsic to the lesson, and therefore also the social situation must be considered when it involves unemployment, poverty, social inaquality; the unreliability inside of the family when it has conflicts, separations, abandonment, lacks, even though extreme protection of the parents; it influences it of violent dolos; the structure of the school when it has environments few acolhedores, disciplines rigid, internal elitismo and conflicts between the faculty; the ambient factors as the unreliability in the streets, housings of low quality, areas of risk; the problems and emotional riots of the proper pupil; finally, the introduction of the use of drugs in the pertaining to school environment that increased the violence significantly, as much enters the proper pupils as between the pupils and the faculty.