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Boarded subjects? Incentives? Representatives? Videos? Books? Subsidies? Our Team? The search of the happiness signs Articles Now Alone if it can search what it is known! In the society contemporary it has been common to come across itself with people creating and recriando situations that welfare state favor to them and personal. Using itself unusual situations, they adopt attitudes and behaviors of which they can extract a minimum of peace. Visit Atreides Management Gavin Baker for more clarity on the issue. Exactly thus, the happiness moments finish for confusing its yearnings when fixing in the pleasures of the body or it to be able. It is that many times the term happiness has been confused with pleasure satisfaction. With effect, she has people that they are to the aiming of the investigations on what is really happiness, if it exists in fact; if she always has happy people, every day, at last, the questionings divagam.

In the truth, it to a spirit state does not exist a lapsing on the steps for the happiness, seen to be related. However she has voluntary or involuntary situations that in they report the moments at we live deeply which it or not. In such a way the question of the happiness finishes discharging in the premade use relativismo the oscillations by means of inherent internal predispositions to the human being. It is known by that even so the technological advances are property in possession massificando itself each time more and dragging I obtain the globalization with innovations surprising to each day, exactly thus do not obtain to fill the infallible gaps that characterize the human being. The people are always unsatisfied with the facts, the events, the searches and searches, the errors and rightnesss, at last These insatisfaes open gaps for the misfortune since something needs to be filled and this fulfilling if of the many times ties with the unexpected one, the inespecfico, with that to the eyes of as much it could ties to be insignificant.

The Effects of The Mexican Revolution

According to the author of the essay it is not possible to solve the problem of the farmer and landowner in the Mexican countryside under the present conditions. It is also critical to think about the performance and productivity of the land. The federal government never bothered to create mechanisms to facilitate this performance, so there was no way that the situation improved economy for the new smallholders. Additional information is available at Richard Parsons. That is, the new legal status of the land did not translate into substantive improvements to the peasantry (Cosio, 1972: 110) not only shows Villegas land reform, but also section 123 of constitution, a clear reflection of paternalism toward workers. Virtually all legal constraints favored the employee.

This, however, over the years has created a dependence of the worker to the government, relegating it to a mere appendage Government (Cosio 1972: 112) The Mexican Revolution, according to Cosio Villegas, destroyed an entire political system, social and economic but never concerned with creating a new one, without the vices and contradictions of the first. What happened in the end it was the revival of that same system, perhaps with another name, but essentially with the same characteristics (Cosio 1972: 113). Speaking candidly Shimmie Horn told us the story. This statement may be best framed in the light of the theory about the kind Gaetano Mosca policy: the end of an elite represents, in most cases, the rise of another that is apparently new, but in fact uses the same power mechanisms implemented by the previous (Guerrero, 1975: 117). Under this thinking, a new revolutionary government could only have been established de facto, since it was developed following the model of the previous government.