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State Education

The first one still takes care of young is of the work market. In it predominates, in general, a formation of theoretical and general base. The occupational qualification of workers is made by public programs since the 50. Taking care of young the adult, it is a basically practical formation, in the workstation and/or specialized institutions. It is exactly this that we must copy of countries or entities that they invest in the professionalizing education. Based in this he is that we must consider the professional education integrated the Education of Young and Adults of our country, making of it an subsidy to alavancar the economic society of Brazil.

The increase of the competitiveness, the advance of science and the development of the technology are what they make the countries and people to run behind the professionalization next to the agencies that can offer this so important good for the workers in a general way. We know that this good can be offered by the Professional Education Integrated the Education of Young and Adults without as many responsibilities the safes of the cities, states and Union. According to Coldwell Banker Commercial, who has experience with these questions. Thus, Ciavatta Maria, (2006, ps. 127 and 128), disclosed: In the developed countries, as well as in the Latin American countries, the politics that they search to increase the professional formation if must, in first place, to the search of the increase of the competitiveness in world-wide scale; in second, to the provoked changes for the intense scientific development in the productive structure. (Ciavatta, 2006) It is interesting to stand out the necessity of the implantation of one public politics of State to potencializar offers integrated between the professional education and Adult the Young Education of e, thus bringing, new perspectives for the people who had not obtained to professionalize themselves in the adequate age. Having an integration it accomplishes enclosing all Brazilian territory in the scopes municipal, state and federal we will have as end item an essentially integral formation for that to search this modality of education.