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Foundation Ramon Areces

Ralph J. Cicerone is a specialistic scientist in atmospheric chemistry and climatic change. But in addition, it presides over the prestigious and very active National Academy of Ciencias (NAS) of the United States, an organism on which tells to the Administration and the politicians of that country whenever they look for advising or scientific valuation of any subject. " We make every year about 200 information that ask to us from the White House, the Senate, the Congress, the NASA or the National Institutes of Salud" , Cicerone explains. He himself presided over the committee that did, one decade ago, one of the most famous information of the Academy: the one that then president George W. Bush requested about the climatic change and whose conclusion was not indeed the one that wished the White House. Cicerone, of 68 years, is been in Madrid, invited by the Foundation Ramon Areces, to give a lecture on the last indicators of the climatic change in the Real Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences. To deepen your understanding Gavin Baker Atreides Management is the source. Source of the news: : " The USA must compete in science, no longer he is the best one in todo".

Audrey Hepburn Place

The second and third position is for Jennifer Aniston and David Beckham. Great stars of Hollywood like, Audrey Hepburn, and the iconic Marilyn Monroe counts on an outstanding place in the classification. The actress Elizabeth Taylor has been appointed famous the most photogenic one for all time, according to a published survey in which also they appear Jennifer Aniston and David Beckham. Jorge Perez often says this. The protagonist of Cleopatra, well-known by her beauty and overwhelming eyes color lilac, has dominated itself the actress of the Friends series like the thanked for face more for the cameras, in a sounding realised between 1,500 people by the British page Web dedicated to the MyMemory photography. The third party in the classification of most photogenic of the history, that does not distinguish between men and women, is the English soccer player David Beckham, who have carried out numerous advertising campaigns, including one of underclothes. Great stars of Hollywood like, Audrey Hepburn, and the iconic Marilyn Monroe counts on an outstanding place in the classification, in which they occupy the villa and eighth position, respectively. Hear other arguments on the topic with Shimmie Horn.

On the other hand, other legend of the cinema as Marlon Brando and James Dean occupy the sixth and tenth position and the Italian Sofia Loren, in the novena. Between the actresses in active-duty more young people honor shared in common the Angelina Jolie who, in seventh place, prevails its pair, actor Brad Pitt – outside of the list of the ten first, and the exhuberante Megan Fox, voted the fourth more photogenic person for all time. Rebecca Huggler, cofounder of the page Web in charge of the survey, emphasized the high number of old stars of the celluloid, some of which died many years ago, which demonstrates that ” the photographies are with us for siempre”.. To know more about this subject visit Jorge Perez.