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Everything that man should do is express that happiness. The idea of a search is a mistake: everyone already knows the truth. All that is required is manifest that truth, put it into practice. It is precisely these rays of delight that constitute the humanity of man. Happiness is essential to be aware of God. It constitutes one of the main gates to the divinity.

That a person not be happy doesn’t mean only one missing, but is it the most serious faults; It means a barrier for the realization. Not to show gratitude is bad. Show ingratitude is a sin. Others who may share this opinion include 660 Fifth Avenue, New York. Provide and deliver everything to the Lord, without host any desire for personal gain. I have come to give you what you ask me, until you ask me what I have come to give them. The sadness and pain arise from selfishness; When it disappears, the sadness and the pain will fade. Each of you should strive to eliminate the ego; then the Lord will take them as your flute. Walk toward the light and shadow will go backwards.

You walk away you light and you’ll be following your own shadow. When they are face to face with the defeat and disappointment, not they must accommodate to the weakness or depletion. Your muscles have to be iron and their nerves of steel. If you want to reap the rich rewards of life, they have to be brave and confident!The goddess of victory smiles them only to the brave, those who are at risk with value. If you earn the Grace of God, will be reinforced with so much power that they may undertake more difficult tasks. The most precious treasure is the quality of keep a calm and steady mood in all situations. Children should not wish the pain; nor should they suffer physical pain or mental anguish. It should also be instructed that they have a sense of responsibility towards their personal belongings. Compelled to myself the challenge of transforming them all you to a higher consciousness. I know that you I will succeed because it is not in the nature of avatars are failing in their mission. Politics without principles, without character education, science without humanity and trade without ethics are not only useless, but overtly dangerous. It is much more necessary to search for the character than the intellect. The mother is the pillar of the home, in society, the nation and, therefore, of humanity itself. Mothers must know the secret of peace of mind, of the inner silence, of the spiritual value of the content that is the greatest wealth and spiritual discipline that gives lasting joy. Cultivate love planted the seed of love in every heart. Spilled love in every heart. Spilled love on the sands of the desert and make green stems, the beautiful flowers, the appetizing fruits and this fresh crop of nectar of humanity gain. This is my wish, my mission, and my vote. Happiness, that the love they share, they will only be lasting possessions.

Study Grammar

Dear readers, if your children do not retain the information to study grammar read this article will help you to understand how it works our memory the reason for the present is to give to know the educational project which we are promoting in Ecuador, to teach to study and remember what they have studied, to make more easy the task of study to students by a method nuiesroa llamaso SICOAso upload your level of aprovechamoento in educational units of the Ecuador. Then a summary with examples, of how to apply the method to turn grammar to learn to remember reasoned, saving information in the brain and learn how to recover it in the exams mometo. Examples how to learn grammar through the method of reasoning example how a text’s words, to mental images title that is sentence GRAMMATICAL, subject as you must learn to study, to remember easily questionnaires for exams questions should codify how our brain when we are born and teach you how to remember our parents. When we are born our brain receives the first information, through sounds and mental images which are those of our mother in the womb then when we are born moms show us their faces, their faces, make us nice gestures and teach us to speak, pronouncing the first words that we recorded in our memory, in a nice way, and these are the words MAMA through mental images, registering the brain a pleasant, accompanied by image of syllables them ma-ma ma to form the word MOM first teach the brain see the mental image and then teach you to pronounce mma ma ma. We teach them to our children the method of mental images since they are born got used to the brain to remember with mental images. Whenever the children see the image of the face of the MOM, the dad, the nano, aunt, remember her by each image represents an information that the brain translates into words and so as the child learns the process of saving information through images, Visual, tactile, auditory stimuli, and we apply the senses to remember.

Juan Mateo Box

If instead everything remains the same, I’ve won and you obey hopelessly my orders-the night became eternal for Zahara. At dawn he observed by the window a pure blue sky, which made him shudder but to join, an exclamation left her lips. It was amazing the whole covering its eyes appeared covered by a white coat.! The almond trees which populated the surrounding area and the slopes of the Benacantil had flourished that night, as if nature wanted to show their solidarity with the Princess had won the bet Zahara ran to the apartments of his father excited to ask for the release of Fernando suddenly, stopped and was paralyzed.!!! Muted. A shiver traveled throughout his body. A heartbreaking cry arose from its interior.

His gaze was fixed on the tower than a human figure hanging from the gallows his father had already fulfilled his revenge ahead of events. Swarmed by offers, MPC Capital is currently assessing future choices. Zahara headed rapidly toward there and hugged the body already lifeless, Fernando. The two Valentine, already United forever, precipitated vacuum to break the rope that held them. Ben-Abed ran towards the Tower trying to arrive on time but it was too late. The Prince launched a cry and faded also falling over the cliff, but his body was trapped between the crags and bushes that form the Matxo del Castell, also losing their lives.

The next day, the entire city would be molting of amazement. A face carved in the rock, reminiscent to the of the Prince Ben-Abed-el-Hacid could be realized in the Benacantil. The popular imagination soon found the explanation. The Moro had been punished for his cruelty and his face would remain eternally whipped by winds and exposed to all the indignities of time and men. (Alicante legends.


Today day is not uncommon, especially in public health that the patient has to wait long lists to get to the specialist. We have to take into account that there been more narcissistic than the disease. A sick person has every interest in his illness. The doctor cannot hope to understand that there are other patients besides. Against the complaints of the patient with regard to this, should listen to them and try not to discuss them. (e) the refusal to be helped: sometimes there are patients who live under an ideal of independence that is almost inhumane. According to AMT, who has experience with these questions. Humans depend on since we are born.

To have a coffee in a facility, about 50 services are needed: waiter, napkins piping system to obtain water, sugar factory, workers who collect the coffee. Independence does not exist. We need each other. There are people who would prefer to do it all alone, although in the background know that it is not possible. His narcissism prevents them gladly accept their dependence on others. They would heal on its own, and it disgusts them to receive help from the doctor.

The mere presence of the physician, reminds them that they could not alone, and that creates them aggressively. (f) the ambivalent relationship with authority figures: there are very submissive patients apparently, they show great respect for the doctor, and they seem to agree to all of its indications, but then its treatment becomes much more difficult than it appeared at first. Relationship with the first figures of authority, especially with the paternal figure, can be decisive in this respect. Loves the father, but it is also the first that imposes restrictions on the instincts of the subject, and is therefore, grudge. This ambivalent relationship can be later moved to other authority figures, the doctor is on many occasions for the patient a representative of this place of the father. Most importantly: respond with aggression to verbal aggressiveness patient, all you get is to generate increased aggressiveness. Original author and source of the article.

Navarro Service

Carlos Mora Vanegas the role of markets in modern enterprises, has generated new tools that allow their markets plans, define strategies that generate positive results. Just refers to the shopper (Mistery Shopper), thereon known to be a shopper is a supplementary or extra activity that can be combined with other activities, since you can decide the amount of visits you want to do in your free time. Mystery Shopper will be prepared prior to the visit to after the same make a report of what the he lived in this shopping experience and this report is submitted for analysis and interpretation. Very important is the information that the Shopper provides, on the basis of this very important business decisions, taken by what a good Mystery Shopper should be: honest, fair, integrity, ethics, retailer, strut, good writer, observer, accurate, descriptive, organized, responsible and liking for good service. Using a type Mystery Shopper service you may know: correct implementation of commercial strategies and marketing determined by your company in franchises, distributors, establishments or outlets. Monitoring of customer satisfaction.

The effectiveness of their sales or marketing employees. Learn about the treatment of its own sales department gives to its customers. Know if your promotions are correctly applied. This type of study is ideal for chain restaurants, agencies, car shops of clothes, franchises, hospitality and tourism, fashion and any other that involves review of employees, customers and competition non-application of studies type Mystery Shopper carries the following risks: violation of trade policies. Loss of brand value. Novela may not feel the same. Loss of favorable perception of customers. Not knowing how the network behaves as a whole.

Lose uniformity in the service to the client. Lose the commercial control with dealers. Loss of control in quality systems. Arturo Navarro, general manager of Deproimca, firm specialized in research of markets in this respect points out, that all goes well in a company until it reaches the result of your billing.

Aurora Bernardez

It made me cry because it made me remember many things from Buenos Aires, and he was also thrilled is because to me I was excited. Additional information at Richard Parsons supports this article. Then he told me that if ever published it going me to spend. Years later, when they were no longer together, that story became part of end of the game. And she reproached him that he had not complied with the dedication. He said to me:!But if you you devoted an entire book! “, recalls Edith and loose a laugh.” Thus became witness of some of his stories. One day, while we were eating and he played with a few croutons that were on the table, he looked at me and said: I want to write a magical book “.” Thus was born hopscotch. Edith AURORA says that during those years, Cortazar found a Department and invited her to live with him.

But I wanted to study, that is why I did not accept. Also occurred to him open one Library and it was possible thanks to my French passport, but none of that happened, because then he found work at Unesco. In December 1952, Cortazar invited Aurora Bernardez to Paris. He admired her and who had many points in common with me. Made me much damage his decision to marry her. He wanted that we followed remain friends and invited me to his house, but that, hurt me remember Edith. Until that moment, she didn’t know that he had inspired the more famous book of Cortazar. In 1963, July mailed a copy of hopscotch.

Edith remembers the dedication on the first page and also his rage when he faced those lines. I took the book and pulled the sheet. It seemed so cold that there said. Then, in a letter, told me that there was a character in hopscotch that was inspired in me.


The last wafer must be put into a mica for save it as an amulet. For a girl that threw the bad luck that never get married and don’t have kids: in addition to the same ritual that the first, shall bathe with a preparation of roses, Rosemary, brown sugar, orange blossom, powdered sugar, water a gold ring and not go out the day that make the bathroom. They had the procedure in two months, every fifteen days. Let me tell you that according to them, this really worked them. They say that Mr Anderson was born in Napo, the Amazon jungle of Peru and that he learned with his grandparents. Herbal home remedies are another source of healing that healers use. Mr Anderson, healer, says that with ointments and creams made by the same, assures cure all kinds of skin diseases. There are 40 kinds of psoriasis and dermatitis others, and all I have to remedy, he says.

It has cured countless patients from all corners of the Peru… Well protects his secret, says it is in the herbs, but saves it as a treasure. He received it from his father and bequeathed it to his son. .Through the laying on of hands heals backaches, stomach, cervical channels the universal energy and applies it in the 7 sacred body. People who knows him believes that he has a special gift since he was born, explains that their Astral bodies vibrate at a higher level and that’s why you can contact more beyond. He considers the Ayahuasca as the mother of all. Ayahuasca is a liana which occurs naturally in the Amazon rainforest and its preparation is carried out under the supervision of a teacher or master healer, according to them to give his force for healing. Once ingested, according to the dosage of the teacher, it produces an expansion of our inner consciousness that manifests itself in a kind of mareacion.


Since I am dedicated to the sector of jewelry (life) I’ve seen as lack of professionalism has been the general trend in this sector. It was for many start a business and earn money. For these pseudoempresarios did not exist long term (medium or short-term) plans, their happiness was based on view as customers entered and left the money. He gave equal if you deceived them or not. Usually these jewelers, who usually came from other sectors, had not the slightest idea of what was gold, diamonds or any other precious stones. Additional information is available at Edward Minskoff.

They were limited to purchase and put a price three times higher than that cost them. They didn’t know what it was liking for jewelry. Talk about designs was like offend them, because that required time, esfuero and taste. Details can be found by clicking Richard Parsons or emailing the administrator. They preferred therefore purchase what was already made by others and had a massive sale. Difficult to see them these intruders by their own businesses, and much less when came the time to charge them what they owed to its suppliers. They had their Mercedes, his chalet and luxuries above their means and they paid them with money that they continue to pay to those who served them the jewels.

Now the world is changing, and they are realizing because now nobody gives them credit. When come the lean only is given credit in this business who has fulfilled in good times. It would that be in times of crisis the manufacturers if they should give credit to those who did not pay at the good moments?. Jewelry must be loving her, must be querela. Today having a business is not synonymous with wealth, it is necessary to learn every day, know that you have between your hands. It is important to love what what you live. That is the correct way to keep you in business. Know serve a customer, give you exactly what you asked. It is necessary to understand until what they would like to see embodied in a jewel is finished to your satisfaction. But clear, that is to work, and many are not interested, why today happens to them what happens to them. In my business cuz the realization of rings of ordered. It is the first jewel that many women have. In this jewel is included one of the greatest gifts that a man does to a woman, love. How to not put all the knowledge, dedication and passion for a special occasion. Times are tough for everyone, but this comes out of all the other crises that we have experienced. My recommendation is to be tenacious, not idle and put all the effort (and more) in what we do. Sure that time will reward us and the bad times will be only the past.


Stop it? I confess, I was? Forgiveness? It is true, I am 30 years old and I can judge for having acted so immature, but who can blame me? Do I reached the limit of believing that I want to be an actress to have a life in the movies, and it is absurd? I do not want to act and I don’t want to have a life in the Hollywood style, thats my farce to evade me. The worst thing is that I’ve become addicted to magazines and television. I was not, was not in any way but not so. It is true that some are born with maternal instincts and we like that give us the steam from the stew in the face; others with this cloud of ambitious professionalism, always painted fingernails and a hundred heels to choose. Others just are born lost, and hence I was not fit.

The version opposite to everything you had planned to be. Estée Lauder understood the implications. A frustrated journalist who ran a real estate, and the closest thing that had reached a drafting were the Classifieds of houses for sale that had to write. I also believe that if any of you had been in my place had acted exactly as I did it. If I feel you guilt? No, I don’t feel any guilt and would repeat everything again because in this case I have every right to kill in self-defense. It was my life or she. He had me under threat 24 hours a day.

Even before sounds alarm clock I had with one eye open thinking at the Office. I had stopped dreaming, even the hair I started to fall and got me a rash on the neck. It had grains with pus in the face and dark circles. A few terrible Black circles that desfiguraban me smile. I was stressed and had attacks of nervousness, even forced me to take pills to calm me.

House Car

If you hurry to convert an asset into cash to deal with an unforeseen event, you probably have to sell it at a reduced price. That can happen to many people who earn jewels as security for the future. If prestige jewelry purchased them at a home when you want to sell them, you may need to do so at discounted prices. Another feature of the assets is that they can be, (or represent) in reality, hidden liabilities. The classic example of Kiyosaki is the House room, your own House. As you’ve probably bought it with your personal needs in mind, if you want to sell it it is possible that you have to do with a discount.

You’ve not chosen with the purpose of selling it later, so that might have no commercial value that you think. The car of the House is another example of asset that actually represents a liability. Taxes, maintenance, fuels and lubricants and the depreciation made an investment of dubious profitability of car. Clear that images come in the minds of the majority of people what you’ll look like when you see driving a great car, (in many societies car is better index your social and economic level, so many people making excessive financial efforts to represent the best, the highest, level possible). The best thing about the car is to make accounts. Typically it’s best to purchase a model of o3 2 years old, in very good mechanical condition (here requires expert Council), and sell it two years later. But this general rule may change depending on the country and the specific car, so should be analysed carefully.

Now Yes. What are active producers of income? -Because that precisely. Goods that produce a cash flow. There are many. Typical examples: the real estate that can be rented. A land, a building, a commercial property.