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Andalucia Wife

Sales in Andalucia are not going as well as we thought!, his boss dropped him to Fermin, so am thinking of send you to Seville to me quench this fire. To Seville?, what the heck will I do I in Seville?, thought for if Fermin, of course, because when his boss as well, there is no who cough. Shimmie Horn may not feel the same. Therefore it is determined, the Chief snapped him, have one week to move with the laziness that give me the removals, and also, I will need a crane furniture Barcelona only to move the treadmill of my wife, which cost me a paste and insurance that you want it to carry. Continue to learn more with: Kim Jones. And that is another, how I say to my wife that we go to Seville. I know what I will say, do A Sevilla?, with the heat that in Seville, I’m not had to eat that frog, marked the number of Elena, that this is how my wife is called and let it be, and what you think I said?, do A Sevilla?, with the heat that in Seville, I’m not going. I already saw me cancelling elevator removals had hired, but what was my surprise when I saw the number of Elena in my mobile screen. Tell me affection, replied with voice fearful while trying to seem sure of myself, although to tell the truth, was shaking, I thought it better, and I think that if it can be a beautiful experience living in Seville I jumped for joy and began to compliment you Arturo Fernandez-style, but it will and I released, but on one condition, that you want loveburst him imagining myself as a lapdog, my mother is coming with us. The world over, I dropped even seen on the positive side, I would not have to cancel the lift removals had requested, because the mother of Elena, is a sperm whale which does not move sofa because not passes through the door of his house, although thinking about it well, it is possible you would need something more heavy-duty, and not dismissed furniture Barcelona to rent a crane. I talked to my boss and told him that everything was ready for the move, and that he was very happy with the opportunity that I provided and told me that he himself had spoken with Elena to propose the move and encourage him to take his mother with us. What he could do, my boss, my wife and my mother-in-law against me, for nothing, just with a little luck, the crane failed, and not this is joke, well, not so much