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Anyone in any moments of life is dealing with some problems. What is the problem? This is something with which someone can not understand how to cope. Scientology – a religion in which you gain knowledge. Thus, Scientology enables a person to gain knowledge on how to better cope with trudnostyamiili, in other words, how luchshekontrolirovat life. Scientology – is an applied religious philosophy. Some people think that religion – it is certainly a belief in God. This is an extremely uzkoevpechatlenie about religion. Of course, there is something any religion, but not all.

In fact, religion involves two aspects: awareness that the negative moments of our existence – it is reality, and second – a method that allows you to get rid of it all. For example, in Buddhism, spiritual freedom are eager to find . That is their method. Since Scientology – It is also the science of life, it can be used in all . In particular it applies to family relationships.

If you have problems with your partner in marriage, then you can cope with these difficulties by Scientology. The same can be attributed to the education of children. Probelemys children are usually the most sorts. Happens, the kids are annoying. Sometimes the child well, just can not settle in some academic subject. Perhaps he should learn how to learn. This should be taught to an adult, because in Scientology have in mind that once people learned something, then he can apply it in daily practice. This means that if a person studied English at school, he can speak the language. Scientology makes it possible to affect relations with other people. Sometimes, a person is closed and not sociable. Repeat to him that need to communicate, etc., are not so effectively as the special exercises that develop the ability to communicate. Obtained Scientology – a religion that helps improve skills.

The Consulate

Want, then come and change your name in the internal passport do not want – no change (in the formulation of a permanent consulate consulate picks up an internal passport, and puts in a foreign stamp that adopted a permanent consulate. It is necessary for what would later, when change of nationality, to leave the Ukrainian citizenship). RBH Group is likely to agree. So the name change is fairly simple. As to what would remain in his name. I stayed on their own, but almost always represent her husband's name, as my maiden name is very difficult to say the Norwegians. Virtually impossible. A write and even more so. But the council – to change the name if already be sure that it is for life, or at least, in the long term.

alyona27 Well, when transferred documents, and in our names often make mistakes (I even made a mistake in the title area). A driver's license change is not necessary. Anyway, I do not crumpling. Just when did 'residence permit', then we provide translation of 'Certificate marriage ', and then, when I was right, then I do not even ask why they are on a different name (especially since the law – with photo). For me it was important that my child was with me at the same family (well, that's so, I 'fad'). While before wedding, when I imagine how much you should do with the change of name, then invited her husband not to change it.

On what he told me that of course if I'm getting married in a couple of years, I was not worth it, as if for life Incidentally, my husband said that in Germany at the change of names of any documents other than passports, the new name change is not necessary. Marmusha the consulate you can put a stamp that you changed the name to another. And with that passports can live on. And when it will go to Ukraine, the next time you change your Ukrainian passport and passport. Only need the German marriage certificate stamped Ukrainian consulate, and then, of course, translate it into Ukrainian. On the basis of the translated marriage certificate you will change the internal passport, and then the passport.

Public Associations

However, residents, property owners can be divided into two categories: active owners – 5%, the hidden owners – 50%. This part of the owners will never vote. State represented by the urban authorities in their voices combined with 5% of people active in gaining a majority. Residents, tenants. In fact, it would be fair and logical to unite all residents of the house (as owners and tenants) in one in-house community. However, law decided to separate them. As a result, owners of premises to live their life: conduct general meetings, are engaged in maintenance of common property, create or choose the hoa management companies, dealing with issues of land near the house, and the residents, tenants only pay for housing, maintenance and repair and for providing public services. Thus, approximately 80% of the real (if we count on heads), the tenants are not puzzled any duty to maintain the house, nor right to choose a color or quality of the entrance of the harvest.

Public associations of residents. In order to attract residents to the common interest to improve the content of houses and house territories Law on Public Associations citizens gives them the opportunity, without distinction of property rights or contractual relationship with the owners to jointly participate in community work in the community through the organs of public initiative (hereafter CCA). Such associations may not register anywhere else, in fact, legal status of nowhere – the economic activity they conduct. A positive role in environmental protection can play as up to a hoa, and in the already established partnerships.