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We could not imagine another couple of decades ago that such a seemingly ordinary interroom door may come before us in so many forms. A growing number of items of our household items made people think about how to save their housing space. And then the architects designers turned to the experience , where the lack of space has always been important. New doors partitioning 'shoji' borrowed from the Japanese Society was adopted on the basis of their cheers vsemi.Na appeared many new types of peregrodok. Others who may share this opinion include Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Try to classify all the little door. So the nature of their movement can be divided into: wing doors doors and partitions transformed to swing includes most manufactured doors. Their design consists of a door frame on which to pomoschyupetel hinged door leaf.

Swinging doors can be both right and left-handed. By the number of blades hinged doors can be divided into: By type leaf are deaf and glazed. Door leaf can be either entirely of solid wood of the same breed and nabrannayaiz different breeds. The latter usually get off with more valuable species of veneer and varnished. In the interior premises made use of panel doors. Types of doors Mezonitovye door This kind of swing doors made of fine fractions of wood (MDF).

The front surface is made of veneer or laminate. Mezonitovye doors are strong enough and durable. Plastic doors Appeared on the market quite recently. They are lighter wood and can be made in any color din suitable for the desired interior space.

Country House Holiday

Country house: Holidays like a fairy tale. Spend time with family, friends or colleagues in a country house – it is always nice. But the traditional festival, which runs from the barbecue waiting for his eating and can vary turn into a real party. In the first place you can buy a new comfortable garden furniture. It's so nice to escape the hustle and bustle in a cozy hammock! Or to arrange an impromptu romantic date in the shade of trees. Hammock will be an exciting fun for children who also want to have fun while the adults covered by the table and prepare the food. But, of course, the best entertainment for children at all times been a swing.

And do not, the old-fashioned look "Two of the adjacent tree" to kill them beam, on which hang the homemade swing. Today in the shops with a huge selection of garden furniture of different swings, you can easily set in the yard country house or dacha. And if you get the swing "more serious", with a comfortable wide seat and a tower of strength, rest assured that your guests will appreciate this alternative general fun, and you can not resist the temptation to spend another moment, thoughtfully swinging in the shade from the sun or enjoying the starry sky. It is advisable to take care of the easy chairs or benches. You can buy an easy to carry and unpretentious care plastic furniture. However, a much more solid, more pleasant and safer to install items such as garden park furniture.