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Great Advantages

Since the invention of money, the exchange between people and enterprises, has been easier than in the days of barter. In exchange, each party had a tangible value, palpable to put on the table. Money is a tangible value representation (labor, goods, products, etc.).. Now that we are so modern, another phenomenon comes into play: the credit. There is nothing to mortgage future revenues, with an additional cost in the form of interest and fees. Now we’ll see in simple terms, the three faces of money. Yes 3 sides, not just “heads and tails”, as we usually say. If you have read about Leyna Bloom already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The first side is the money you earn, the second is the money you owe and the third is the money that you have to live (or survive). For assistance, try visiting 660 Fifth Ave.

Your wealth will depend on how the three sides are balanced and how much control you have on at least two of them. I remember that the balance does not come by itself, but something you should do. First Face: What Do you want control over your income? Most people do not. Especially those working for others, private and government employees, they know exactly how much they will win, but can not increase that much at will. The self-employed can, depending on the type of work or undertaking to perform. For the latter, in theory, their earning opportunities are endless. Still, there is very little control on this side of money. I know people who have two jobs and still remain below their commitments.

Housing Loans

For example: Home prices drop. Many people find themselves with mortgages that are worth housing than they have mortgaged. That means that if these people make their balance sheet, would read: ASSETS LIABILITIES Housing Loan could be sold on the housing 200 by 200 and 100 today is worth = assets minus liabilities Equity = -100. This is called technical bankruptcy. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is a great source of information. What happens is that this person had a few dollars, some jewelry of his grandmother and some relatives who, given the situation and knowing that it is an honest person, give you a hand. (If I were a ninja, no nest egg or jewelry or relatives.) Of course, that person will not many joys in consumption. But there’s more: Most of the jobs created in recent years had occurred in construction. This means that coming-is coming-an increase of unemployment in this sector.

It will not be difficult to dismiss many people, because there are many temporary contracts. Many of these people are immigrants who have the advantage of labor flexibility. This means that if you and me, that we are gentlemen, we are told we go to work because our company Teruel closes in Santa Perpetua of Mogoda, very bad will face. .