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World Production

In search of development and the biggest possible profit, the humanity extracted the maximum of the available resources. A time that the effect of this model of production and the scarcity of the resources for this if to keep had become evidentes, the search for development alternatives and production started to be the focus of research and governmental politics. To know more about this subject visit Gavin Baker Atreides Management. Moreover, the FAO in of 2008 already requested the duplication of the food production for 2030. These two factors demand an adaptation of the productive process, which finds as great challenges to increase the production and to diminish the comprometimento of the resources not-you renewed necessary for this production. Brazil is the last farming border of the world that congregates territory, water and technology (Pineda, 2002) to supply this demand. As for the agronegcio, the country has constructed an efficient and competitive productive system (EMBRAPA, 2008), but still looks economic and socioambiental balance to keep its competitiveness.

The term ' ' Sustentvel&#039 development; ' 1987 were only considered, when the World-wide Commission on the Environment and the Development, launched the report Our Common Future. This was defined for ' ' to take care of to the necessities of the gift without compromising the capacity of proper the future generations to satisfy its necessidades' '. Since then, they are looked alternative sustainable to satisfy the demands of the society. At the beginning of century XXI, conglomerated private they had entered this scene and transferred to consider it the efficiency and the competitiveness as factors of economic support in this process of development. In last the fifteen years, the cattle production especially advanced in the regions Center-West and North, with growth of, approximately, 40% of the bovine cash. This expansion occurred in areas of legal and ambient complexity, as the Legal Amaznia, where the growth of the flock was of 178% (CNA; Veronez, 2009), compromising this new concern with the support.

Natural Disasters

In recent natural disasters in Colombia, for example, Armero, Popayan and the coffee not to mention but three, has been demonstrated a mess as to what should have been done, and repeated mistakes that despite of knowing were not corrected. The state was inefficient, both in the field of prevention and in care. The most basic and important for a disaster after an earthquake is to have an instruction guide and rules for what should be done. Not having a guide is to stick for the blind and improvising on matters as serious as Viada and death. To know more about this subject visit Estee Lauder Chief Executive. The guide to address a disaster should consider related to personnel, supplies, technical support, administrative support and all matters of government.

To perform calculations of needs and obtain the best results in the care of a disaster, there should be advance risk assessments and socioeconomic implications of the fallout to stop an earthquake. It is concluded national and international experiences. Children and elderly are most often affected in a disaster, as are those with less ability to defend. Fabrizio Freda addresses the importance of the matter here. During the distribution of donations, rations, tents and supplies in general, have difficulty waiting in long lines because of their physical conditions and therefore, it is important to get the supplies to the authorized sites such as shelters or temporary housing.

After a disaster, if the affected people are not given help to get a job or to reactivate its business, accustomed to being kept, long-term becoming beggars. Economic activity in the region or the affected should reactivated to return to normal and inserted in the national economy. . Learn more on the subject from Gavin Baker, New York City.

Vitria Hepatitis

The microbiological analyses carried through nagua consumed by the studied communities had not presented resultadosindicadores of contamination for termotolerantes coliformes, giving entenderque the occurrence of it occasion of Hepatitis It can be related with adeficincia in practical the hygienical ones adopted by the local population. INTRODUCTION the Hepatitis (HA) is one of the oldest illnesses conhecidaspelo man and represents a problem of extreme importance for the countries emdesenvolvimento, which had to the high coefficients of incidence, as well as paraos developed countries, in which, due to improvement of the conditions sanitriase of personal hygiene, observed a decline of the incidence of the disease and umaumento in the age of acquisition of infeco1. The preventivasinespecficas measures to prevent the exposition to the VHA (virus of the Hepatitis), taiscomo meticulous personal hygiene, improvement of the sanitary standards of communicate agglomeration absence human being, has answered for the reduction of the incidnciada HA in the countries desenvolvidos2. Considering that the virus dHepatite It can be transmitted through the water, it is essential that this submersible to the disinfection for adjusted processes that represent a etapaessencial for water attainment potvel3. Fabrizio Freda addresses the importance of the matter here. The station of ornamentation supplies the studied region uses gas chlorine as disinfection product. STUDIED CHARACTERIZATION DOSBAIRROS the quarters Great Victory.

Estrelinha and Inhanguet are vizinhos manguezal area composing an area that shelters, in its majority, families debaixa income. The region is supplied with water of ETA I, makes use of collection etratamento of sewers, is benefited with public garbage collection of regular form (daily) and the streets of the quarters are sidewalk. After the confirmation of the detected cases of HepatiteA, high tide, promovendoseu direct contact with the inhabitants; 2) the population of the place has as practical usualo garbage launching in filled with earth area, next to the tide what it provokes seuespalhamento in entorno of the residences; 3) exist residences directly launching seusesgotos in the pluvial water gallery existing in the place; 4) contaminated pluvial adrenagem with sewers is launched in waters of the tide; 5) nasresidncias with confirmed cases of HA recklessness with cuidadosprimrios of cleanness and the conservation of the habitation, and, still great was verified nmerode people inhabiting in the same housing; 6) the school frequented for the children> Cases of Hepatitis in the quarters the Great Victory, Estrelinha and Inhanguet, of 2000 the 06/2006 Cases of Hepatitis the Year of 06/2006 occurrence 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Number of confirmed cases 1 0 0 0 0 5 18 Source: VigilnciEpidemiolgica of the City department of Health of Victory OBJECTIVE To analyze the relation enters the microbiological quality of guade human consumption and the occurrence of one I occasion of Hepatitis in the three quarters domunicpio one of Vitria/ES..

Municipal School Ricieri Bert

The handling and the problematic one provoked by solid residues in the conception of parents and pupils of the Municipal School Ricieri Bert in the City of Santa Cruz of the Xingu-MT.Vinicius Baptist Da Silva 1Universidade of the State of GrossoEmail Weeds: Moral Sales 2Universidade of the State of GrossoIvone Weeds Rasp of Almeida 3Universidade of the State of Weeds GrossoDaiane Goulart F. Barreto 4Universidade of the State of GrossoRESUMONeste Weeds work, we look for to carry through a survey regarding the handling and the problematic one provoked by solid residues in the conception of parents and pupils of the Municipal School Ricieri Bert in the City of Santa Cruz of Xingu-TM, and objective to awake the ambient attention for the problems of health and impacts negative associates to the municipal solid residues, particularly, in function of me the management of the same ones and of a model of development in which the environment and the public health are relegated secondary plan. When looking for to extend the quarrel on the solid residues what one searchs it is its insertion, of more significant form, considering a sensitization on the causes and consequences emphasizing the reality where the city is inserted. The objectives, beddings, principles, instruments and importance of if implanting one Municipal Politics of management of solid residues are approached, that makes possible an improvement in the ambient quality and of life of the population, with proposals of integration of the segments and the society, detaching the importance of the social participation in the planning and management and of the Ambient Education as motor force of this process. Words Keys: handling; solid residues; ambient impacts; public health; public politics; ambient education. fer in this field.

College Newton Paiva

In this study, the analysis of the quarter Belvedere III is a significant sample, over all for its entorno in the South axle of the city, that understands beyond other quarters, the condominiums of the cities of New Rasp, Upstream Brumadinho and, and still enterprises as general hospitals, shopping centers, concessionaires independent peddlers of vehicles, hipermercados, diverse supermarkets of average transport and schools, Campi also university, these, still in the urban small farm of the Capital, as the University Centers UNI-BH, College Newton Paiva and JOIN, both in the valley of the Stream of the Cercadinho, between the quarters Estoril and Buritis. In this context, she observes yourself parallel to the sped up real estate growth, action of the Public Power, under the pressure of citizens, concerning road workmanships, of draining and maintenance of areas of permanent preservation in order to minimize these impacts and to mitigate risks of ambient collapses. One perceives, however, that the mitigatrias and compensatory measures are desproporcionais to the impacts generated for intense the enterprise activities and the multiplication of residential units. According to VILELA (2007), she has a great exaggeration enters the sizing of the executed workmanships and the demands on the urban infrastructure, that, proportionally, present bigger growth. The loss of the quality of air, waterproofing of the ground to hinder the infiltration of part them waters them rains and the generation of noises during most it day are, only, some of the ambient problems caused by the real estate explosion and the population adensamento in expressive part of the South Axle. If the raised number of vehicles in circulation leaves air poludo and produces noises ackward, the waterproofing of the ground can cause floods in the periods of rains in the parts lowest of the city. Therefore, impacts that can reach some of these goods or elements of the environment, considered protected for legal force, must be considered as necessarily important. .

Brazilian Open Areas

1 Introduction the processes of occupation of the space for the man, in special those that lead to the urbanization, in the majority of the cases without planning, finishes generating consequences that can for the most part be detected when observing the conditions related to the destruction of the natural resources of the Brazilian cities. The natural areas had been being broken up, yielding space for the agricultural cultures, the pastures and the cities, many of these passing for sped up growth processes, in the majority, being impactados by the processes of urbanization and disordered occupation. The devastao of the happened natural resources with the urban process of occupation also intervenes with the dynamics of the urban hidrogrficas microbasins having as main consequence the development of the hdrica erosion as ravinas, soil erosions and erosion delinquent, beyond the disappearance of the enclosed springs in these regions. The constant increase of the urban area of many cities provokes the destruction of natural areas for the implantation of new land divisions that if 2 they will transform into residential or industrial quarters. Click Jorge Perez for additional related pages. In some aspects the environment suffers to the consequences of the technological evolution of the race human being, who, if on the other hand brought benefits, for another one created favorable situations, as in the case of the necessity to shelter a number each bigger time of people that take in them to destroy vegetation areas, promoting a constant reduction of the natural areas.

The region of Hot River, as a good example of disordered growth, without criterion and with total lack of planning stimulated for the tourism around the use of a natural resources, in the case the thermal waters, also passes for serious problems of occupation of the space, loss of natural areas, contamination of the ground and waters, waterproofing of the ground between as much other problems. Thanks to its great thermal hdrico potential, the known region as ' ' hidrotermal flowing greater of mundo' ' its on development to the exploration of these thermal waters had all. Hot river shows an increasing population increase, with disordered occupation of the ground and precarious system of basic sanitation, in special in what it says respect to the final destination of the solid residues and the lack of a collection system and treatment of urban sewer. All the increasing interest for the exploration of thermal waters for tourist ends motivated the real estate industry, making with that the city started to suffer a rupture with the environment, practically having all its busy urban area, culminating with few points of representation legalizes of the Brazilian Open pasture.

State College

The present article has the intention to collaborate with the ambient conscience of the involved families in the project of research carried through in the State College Ip-Purple, located in the zone north of the city of Estuary of the Iguau in the Quarter New City, as well as clarifying to this community the possibility of income reuses through it of the vegetal oil after-consumes. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jorge Perez and gain more knowledge.. to collate the curses of this material to the discarded environment if of inadequate form and its negative ambient impact. Today practically all the discarded objects can be reused. Jorge Perez contains valuable tech resources. At least the technology for this already it exists, what still it lacks are economic conditions or politics to carry through the recycling. In this> perspective, to involve the families in the process of ambient awareness and to understand its perception on the act to recycle is the first step to carry through an evaluation of the agreement level on the residue generated in its residences. The methodology of this research was based on quali-quantitative exploratrios studies. As the result of this study, it was evidenced that the harmful factors to the local ambient development are deriving of the awareness lack, or better, of the lack of ambient education of the population, since is about ousting of residue directly in the environment.

PALAVRAS-CHAVE: ambient conscience, vegetal oil after-I consume, familiar income. 1 INTRODUCTION Currently, in Brazil we face serious challenges one of them is the problematic existing complexity in the ambient one. Between them the sources of produced ambient degradation from the domestic solid residues, when managed of inadequate form they offer risk to the environment. Based in a capitalist model that it takes to the increasing consumption the society of sees in a position where unconsciously through the occupation of the space, they do not inspire to an enrollment in the maintenance and management of its residues.

Educational Professors

Professors of biology, geography and sciences, obviously without generalization, costumam to work the Ambient Education when they focus the ambient environment and asquestes. As, for example, of the problematic one of the garbage, the desperdcioenergtico and the ambient degradation. Thus, ‘ ‘ she is necessary to intervine in qualification processes that allow aoprofessor to base its work in solid concepts, so that the actions nofiquem isolated and/or distant of the principles of the Ambiental’ Education; ‘.

(Weid.1997, P. 84) It fits, to the professionals of the education to breach with the simplista way to teach Ambient Educao. Transforming practical the pedagogical ones, pautando practical pelacriatividade in educative as for the Ambient Education. Vistoque, ‘ ‘ It does not exist ambient Education if not to accomplish themselves in the practical one, in the life, from the necessities sentidas.’ ‘ (Pelicione and Plhilippi Jr 2005. P. 96) Osprofessores must develop one practical metodolgica sufficiently dynamic, continuous and not broken up when teaching the Ambient Education. Thus, ‘ ‘ odesenvolvimento of instruments and methodologies, aiming at to the incorporation ambient dadimenso, of form to interdisciplinar, in the different levels emodalidades of ensino’ ‘.

(law 9,795/99) It is distinguished, that, the Ambientaldeve Education to be constant in the schools, through action development, that, envolvamtodas you discipline them pertaining to school. mainly, through propostasinterdisplinares. ‘ ‘ Therefore, ‘ to ‘ ‘ cruzar’ ‘ , subjects, to read reality one second outro’ ‘ agrupamento’ ‘ – to interdisciplinar – theoretician and to intend to elaborate to reflexocurricular related with the Ambiental’ Education; ‘. (Cascino. 1999.p.71) Considers that the Ambientalseja Education process of a dynamic, permanent and participativo formation, in which aspessoas involved starts to be transforming agents, participandoativamente of the search of alternatives for the reduction of ambient impacts epara the social control of the use of the natural resources. (Marcatto. 2002. p.03) Thus, ‘ ‘ the ambient education comes to show that the human being is capable to generate mudanassignificativas when treading ways that socially take to a world more justoe ecologically more sustentvel’ ‘.