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Dr. Susanne Berthold And Naturopath Cynthia Ann Myers

Tooth astrology and craniosacral therapy Dr. Susanne Berthold is dentist and not just teeth treated. It recognizes also the emotional problems that lie behind dental disease. Ratch may help you with your research. Dr. Baker work is unique, because she used the Astrology of the teeth, to better understand their patient’s pathology. A specific astrological sign is associated with each single tooth, for example the incisors are associated with Venus and the kidney Meridian. By this method, Dr.

Berthold helps to resolve emotional blocks their patients that manifest themselves in the teeth and cause disease. Naturopath and craniosacral therapist Cynthia treated also ill Ann Myers and painful teeth and jaw disorders, by raising tensions in the body, skull and teeth by Osteopathic handles and the associated meridians. By somato emotional relaxation, it also helps their patients to resolve emotional blockages so that teeth and jaw disorders can heal profoundly. The cooperation between Dr. Susanne Berthold and naturopath Cynthia Ann Myers offers patients a way to understand Zahnerkrankungenbesser and to break new ground in the treatment..