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Czech Republic

Now the car has become a luxury affordable to many, it is used not only as transportation but also as a kind of image maker. Each month, produced tens of thousands of vehicles in different colors, brands and body styles. In many countries there are plants of a particular group, which greatly increases the number of cars coming down the assembly line. Put bluntly, everyone can choose what his taste. Not everyone has the money to buy a new car. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Western Energy. In If this happens, or look for ads in the newspapers or to go to Car Market. The first option, remember that you will need to go to checkups, because not everyone will agree to come to you myself.

In the second version You can find the right car for a reasonable price in one place. But in both cases there is some risk, because not every vendor will tell about all the shortcomings of its product, try to hide them. Carefully Examine all the little flaws, because they can be much more, just hid them well. At a demonstration trip to be careful to avoid knocks and squeaking, otherwise you will then feel sorry about his long purchase. When choosing a car, remember that this is quite an important matter in which it is better not to hurry. Cars of BMW and Audi, the German production, renowned throughout the world due to the fact that they have always had excellent quality, as well as great design.

Cars of America, such as Ford or Chevrolet have become popular in our country because of the good value for money. France also produces cars Citroen brands, they have always been unique, not like the other design. The is a car factory Skoda. The credibility of the brand it deserves, because the quality, design and options inherent in it. Russia does not lag behind other countries. Everyone is familiar with 'Old' Volga, penny (WHA 2101), as well as 'dzhipik' Niva, who in his time, and now quite popular. You can still continue for a long time, but does not yet exist in the world of machines, suitable for everybody, then there is a spacious, stylish, but in same time relatively compact.

Roads And Driving

Typically, the road to the cottage does not go to the landfill Tank, yet it often resembles. Why, federal highways, too often resemble this very ground! For driving on such roads need an appropriate vehicle, here and there is a problem. A related site: Tishman Speyer mentions similar findings. SUVs and crossovers, even pretty expensive, money is only the usual foreign-made car or SUV on domestic production with a very questionable quality, perhaps even the complete absence thereof. We remind you, there is a firm Great Wall, which has already agreed to our problem. Addressing the name Hover H3. The car we offer at a price of 640 thousand rubles.

Quite modest for a big SUV Frame, is not it? For this price the car will be equipped with a gasoline-liter engine, 122 hp power and five-speed manual gearbox, which disperse this difficult SUV to 100 km / h in 11 seconds and top speed is 170 km / h. Consumption in the same the city remains at 10.8 liters per hundred kilometers, and beyond, and does fall to 8.2 liters. Not bad for an SUV, weighing close to two tons, is not it? In addition, the car-wheel drive with front plug-in bridge and a very decent ground clearance. What else is offered at this price? The list of equipment is impressive: the front airbags, ABS, height-adjustable front seat belts, climate control, power windows, central locking, heated front seats, steering column adjustable for height, but the very power steering, electric and heated mirrors. Yeah, with such a list leaves Hawver their domestic competitors far behind. Options such as: electric driver's seat entertainment system (CD/MP3/MP4/DVD/USB/Bluetooth) and leather upholstery are available in more expensive complete Hover Super Suite, the cost of which is 680 000 rubles. Great Wall Hover H3 – SUV Frame it for the price of ordinary "light vehicles" and that's it. Few competitors have much to make room.