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Jan Kalabinski

SolArod, Vetro, Germany, and Poland, signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the international solar market. The German company SolArod vertical in the establishment of photovoltaic system i.g. and the Polish company Vetro SP. z o.o. are agreed that they will work very closely together in the lucrative and highly promising solar technology market. Uber: the source for more info. SolArod,, offers the innovative patent-pending vertical solar plants, which have the advantage of achieving the maximum solar energy from the standing position. Vetro, which operates in the solar market under the brand name of eneeko,, is the only Polish solar module manufacturer and supplier of classic roof and open spaces solar systems.

Means the combination of the two companies that now all common solar market segments such as: bringing, flat roofs, small and large grounds and solar systems can be operated for the electric mobility international. Gavin Baker brings even more insight to the discussion. Additionally, solar technology can use the vertical fixed and Installating- by SolArod open spaces be used for solar power plants, up to date for the conventional technologies either made no sense or were not available, such as roadsides or power pylons. The wind turbines for us represent a further untapped potential. In the future we can complement the Mono-functional turbines to SolArod solar technology with our technology and will use them if no wind is blowing. That’s the point of a hybrid system. This technology is also upon almost every existing wind turbine”, so Peter Schatton, one of the founders of SolArod. Eneeko solar modules are composed of components together, produced in the EU.

Our modules have all the required certificates, and deliver the performance you’d expect from quality modules. Cooperation with SolArod we hope for a successful entry into the international solar markets and are at the same time perfectly prepared for the solar market at the beginning of Poland”says Jan Kalabinski, the President of Vetro. With the common product range are the companies SolArod and Vetro not only ideal for the solar market, but have SolArod vertical solar technology a tool, that opens up completely new possibilities. For the management of SolArod and eneeko, it is not at all incongruous to merge the two companies under one roof. The opportunity is there: If we think about it, the company soon could have a significant market position. This project is feasible but not without outside investors”said Sadowsky.


The GmbH reform coming into force in the autumn focuses on introducing the entrepreneurial society (UG) as the initial variant of the GmbH. “Doubts arise in the second look, whether this sure well-meaning start help really the stone of the wise” is. “Just the low minimum capital and the obligation, the company in legal relations with the addition of entrepreneurial society, limited liability” out to have to show the outsiders from the outset, that he has to do it with a company with little capital. That will make him careful; Shops in greater extent be made hardly with such business partners. Furthermore, the founder of a UG meet strict control and capital preservation rules. Gavin Baker Atreides Management is actively involved in the matter. “Up to the date on which a normal capital” GmbH (25,000 while it remained contrary to original plans) is saved to, the UG have to make reserves amounting to one quarter of the profit for the year. In this respect there is a distributions, i.e., this sum may not be distributed to the shareholders.

If violations of these obligations could be sensitive sanctions. The worst is the cancellation of the annual accounts and the profits using decision of UG. Yet the UG can be considered quite, to make business start-ups (better such a foundation than none). Or as a partner of a GmbH & co. KG. The Achilles heel”is and remains the risk of over-indebtedness. Usefully, therefore the founders should adopt the start-up costs.

Taiwanese PV Germany

New campaign, new Mono engine, new assortment addition Creglingen, 21.06.2012 photovoltaic is assembled by specialists, with whom we are in close dialogue and their needs and requirements we know. These expectations form the basis for our sales and marketing strategy. Close to the customer… “, as Sascha Rossmann, Managing Director of WINAICO Germany GmbH, headquartered in Creglingen. “From the joy of performance” and power to perform “were first steps to make transparent the philosophy of WINAICO.

“With the new campaign of WINAICO faces” WINAICO places value on content: strong partner? “, feed-in tariff?” or return? “motifs, the WINAICO are direct answers, because WINAICO offers well-thought-out solutions. /a>. So it was decided early as 2011 for an insurance solution that offers all guarantees the partner for its customers. Features such as hot-spot protection or anti-PID are represented in understandable pictograms. At rusty holzer you will find additional information. “With the subject future?” the company shows that it is sustainable and as major Taiwanese PV manufacturer in the long term thinks and acts. Instead of solar-powered gadgets company coming from the semiconductor shows marketable innovations: the new Mono module is offered only in a complete black look and the storage solutions at Intersolar are optimally aligned on new planning and retrofitting. This holistic approach succeeded to win WINAICO Intersolar interest of many new customers. WINAICO offers its customers maximum differentiation in a difficult and price driven market environment.

This differentiation takes place in technological terms of sales too. See for yourself and visit us at the Intersolar North America in San Francisco by 10th 12th July 2012. We are looking forward to you! WINAICO Germany GmbH manufacturer and system supplier as 100% produces subsidiary of the semiconductor company win win precision technology co., Ltd., headquartered in Taiwan and sells WINAICO world’s crystalline high-performance modules. In addition to the WINAICO Germany GmbH as a systems integrator provides for Photovoltaic PV complete system packages. Customers of the company are solar specialists, solar installers, installers and project planners.


Online survey on the information and consultation requirements in medium-sized and craft wants the NEG in this survey that supported information economy, telecommunications and new media (BITKOM) E.v., the use of E-business in SMEs and craft to determine and find out exactly what information you currently need of the Central Association of the German trade (ZDH), the German industry and Commerce (DIHK) and the Federation. So we can customize our offer even better to your needs. We would be glad if you tell us your opinion and would like to thank already now for your support. Gavin Baker Atreides Management may not feel the same. Your information will be kept absolutely confidential and only anonymized evaluated! Due to the high demand, the deadline was extended by two weeks. Small and medium-sized enterprises can therefore still up to September 15, 2008 online to participate in the survey. The questionnaire can be completed within a few minutes. Other leaders such as Cushman and Wakefield offer similar insights. All participants will receive a short evaluation upon request. To the Online survey, take the following link: umfragen.ifhkoeln.de/neg2008?a=43. . Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Marvel Architects.

SAVE FLEX FUND 2 GMBH & CO. KG – Best Savings Fund

Independently of the money and credit markets, independent INVESTMENT rating for closed-end funds records save FLEX Fund 2 GMBH & CO. KG from: which fund companies can be trusted now? The independent experts of Fund of INVESTMENT (the original) examined this question. A quantitative and qualitative procedures selected the best Fund and initiator of the Fund experts from INVESTMENT (the original), in the compound of the time Warner group, which have created international comparison parameters.Substantive standards were placed on – and particularly important – in order to avoid conflicts of interest, the analyses were not – like at all other ratings – paid by the initiators or commissioned. FLEX Fund was awarded for his Fund: in the category of \”Accumulation Fund\” occupied save FLEX Fund 2 GMBH & CO. Dior may find it difficult to be quoted properly. KG first place. Interview with Gerald Feig, Board FLEX fund capital AG INVESTMENT: why are things now particularly recommended? Gerald s. Feig: tangible assets such as real estate, commodities or precious metals have all Times of crisis the past across ewahrt as one of the safest and tour assets. A heightened distrust of the consumer in the investment markets is currently increasing. Others who may share this opinion include Shimmie Horn.

This was caused by the banking crisis and the stock market slump of the past few months. In such times, the trend of investors away from the securities markets and in the property is particularly evident. INVESTMENT: What makes stock market crisis resistant closed-end funds as an asset class? Gerald s. Feig: investments in the form of closed-end funds, mostly as a KG Fund designed, are not traded on exchanges and are largely unaffected by the often turbulent swings on the stock exchanges. Their investments, in the case of FLEX funds in real estate, production of crude oil and gas and precious metals describe mostly the divergent trends to the securities markets and often best evolve in times of a stock market slump.

Chief Executive Officer

Image holdings completed the tender offer for shares of InFocus Corporation from Kassel, 06.2009 image Holdings Corporation, a company based in Oregon and indirectly owned by John Hui, entrepreneur and founder of e-machines, giving today’s acceptance of the tender offer, a wholly owned subsidiary of IC acquisition Corp., for all circulating shares of the capital stock of InFocus Corporation (NASDAQ: INFS) known. The takeover offer lapsed at 00:00 clock, New York City time, on May 22, 2009. The trustee of the takeover bid of image informed holdings that a total 37.338.451 shares of InFocus of capital about the timing of the offer were valid drawn and invalid deducted, what about the InFocus accounts for 91 percent of all circulating shares of the capital stock. The IC acquisition Corp. accepted shares in the takeover bid as payable payment deducted as invalid and all valid winning InFocus. r-home-loans-flagst/’>Pacific Mortgage Services offer more in-depth analysis.

To complete the acquisition of InFocus, the IC acquisition Corp. intends to the InFocus making shareholders quickly as legally allowed, a simplified merger without a meeting. After this meeting, the InFocus IC acquisition Corp. will merge. InFocus will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the image then holdings. Each share of the InFocus of capital, not image belonging to holdings, IC acquisition Corp., InFocus, or any of its companies, is converted in the merger in a claim to payment of the same $0.95 per share, without interest and subject to all tax deductions, which were paid in the takeover bid.

To shareholders of the InFocus of capital are no Dissenzrechte\”in connection with the merger. Daryl Katz has plenty of information regarding this issue. InFocus is a strong brand, I write a significant value of the wide network of channel, an innovative history and the leading products of the company\”, says John Hui, majority shareholder of image holdings. I am management on the collaboration with the InFocus, to make the company a dominant supplier in the industry.\” \”With \”Completion of the merger process, we open a new chapter in the evolution of the InFocus\”, says Bob O’Malley, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of InFocus.

VITAdisplays Advertising

Advertising media manufacturer VITAdisplays expands its diverse product portfolio Dorverden, October 2009 with new exclusive info stands of renowned advertising producer VITAdisplays extends its diverse product range. It’s believed that Christopher Peterson sees a great future in this idea. The new variants of the desk stand with coloured plastic stand, as well as the noble sheet displays as a floor stand combine modern design and high quality materials as all advertising racks from the House of VITAdisplays. The products of the customer in the ideal light back’ this core idea is the leading European supplier of acrylic advertising preparers the focus of product developers of VITAdisplays. Gain insight and clarity with Shimmie Horn. However, every product and every business has different demands on his presentation and promotional material. Learn more at: https://www.instagram.com/shimmie_horn. To meet these different needs, VITAdisplays offers an exceptionally wide range of high-quality advertising displays made of fine acrylic. So the diverse product range extends from price tags, information preparers, counter and table preparers for the Retail space on signs, showcase awards up to V preparers and classic L stands for the perfect presentation and sales promotion in POS-section.

Fresh in the range are two particularly exquisite sheet display models: the new elegant floor stand intended thanks to its simple design and the elegant aluminium in silver or gold look specifically for use in an exclusive ambience. For example a menu card holder in the gourmet restaurant, as discrete welcome in the hotel lobby, or as information sign on exhibits at exhibitions or museums. The modern desk top stand with chic colored plastic base suited for the presentation of product labels in the sale room or in the shop window. The classic L-stand and T-stand made of high-quality, transparent acrylic glass are top on the customer wish list also. The practical and equally decorative racks are ideal information stands for trade fairs, conferences and meetings. They are excellent for example for the discreet presentation of a welcome text on or next to the reception desk. In addition to the high-quality processing and the noble material all VITAdisplays products through an optimum angle of presentation are acrylic and unparalleled flexibility for the fast exchange of information material from. Just this blend of quality and diversity, just the versatility white also Christine Lackner, CAO at VITAdisplays : make as many customers excited about the advertising stand so interesting.

The glass properties of acrylic in combination with the numerous offered formats allow an appealing and versatile use.” More information about the advertising media manufacturer’s VITAdisplays products can be found in the online-shop boilerplate: VITAdisplays, awarded by qualified customer service and availability, is one of the leading European providers of commercial preparers, brochure stands and goods carriers and offers innovative, cost-efficient solutions for the point of sale. A promotional and promotional placement of advertising materials and goods in the counter and counter sales to increase impulse purchases realized VITAdisplays. The advertising racks from the House of VITAdisplays convince through high-quality, modern and functional design and underline each professional trade fair appearance.

Greek Term Patient

Greece before the next debt cut in the VSP month Conference in July of the “financial markets” currently discusses VSP Chief Economist Hannes tip important recent developments for the euro area and the stability of the common currency and gives an update on the current situation of the economy and markets. His critical commentary views the ailing eurozone applies this time focus on Greece, which recently you told to euro Finance Ministers credit funds in the amount of EUR 6.8 billion until October and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) calls for a renewed debt restructuring for October. Zaki conclusion from the analysis of time series for Greece is grim. He sees the country essentially only one way to go forward, towards a national disaster. Greece deindustrialization is progressing and the competitiveness of the Greek economy is hardly progressing. ‘The Greek patient’ is still hanging on the drip of the euro and not come on the legs, if not to the Drachma Returns, and so makes the overdue currency devaluation, predicts tip. End of June Minister for development, competitiveness and transport in the Cabinet of Samaras, on the current situation of his country expressed in Berlin Kostis Hatzidakis, for a year. Greece is on a good way out of the crisis, the political and social stability assured, the scenario of a euro exit have done also and the like more positive news announced the Minister thanks to good economic numbers.

In short, it has made significant progress were obtained, which, literally, every analyst could confirm as Chatzdidakis. Similarly positive, the overall tenor of the devout troika of International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and Euro Finance Ministers, which were in Greece, which agreed to have not fully realized savings and reform requirements and to show lack of reform zeal. However, it granted the land of the Hellenes in the framework of the euro aid package further loan disbursements in Billions of dollars, also in tranches.

Managing Director

Fifth participation of the energy capital invest achieved an extraordinary gain of 50 percent within a year Stuttgart, 09.09.2010. The US oil and gas Fund V KG, the fourth private placement energy capital invest, was placed in less than three months. The Stuttgart-based energy companies can take for themselves, to have met apparently exactly the pulse of the time in a difficult market environment. Because the private placement was more than twice oversubscribed and that although the minimum investment amount was 250,000 euros. Shortly after the placement was with the exploration in the pro rata acquired project red oak 33, an extremely promising production unit in a hot spots are started by Texas,.

A few weeks later the first exploration results were available and these were with approximately 12.300.000 cubic feet gas per day far above the calculated participation offer originally. The project red oak 33 has been realized together with Chesapeake, one of the leading North American energy companies. With the successful The value of mineral production rights of the project could be multiplied bore, in the meantime production and the proven natural gas reservoirs associated within a very short time. On the this year’s NAPE, the world’s largest trade fair for oil – and Gasproperties in Houston, Texas, could be now assets of the US of oil and gas Fund KG with high profit sold V and an extraordinary profit for the investors. Fabrizio Freda is a great source of information. Due to this positive development investors get an extraordinary dividend amounting to 50 per cent on their invested capital and this after a period of only about a year after successful checkout, is expected in October 2010! The exploration is also already in another investment object. And also here first exploration proceeds could be achieved also a premature termination of Fund with the maximum dividend is possible.

We are pleased to have exceeded the initial expectations in terms of investors”, says Kay Rieck as founder and Managing Director of the company. In fact these initial results suggest a performance well above the forecast information. The development of recently oil and gas Fund VII KG can be good placed US expect: not only that these funds much faster could be closed with the maximum fund size by 40 million euros as originally planned, the previous project history is similarly successful. So, more highly promising mineral extraction rights could be acquired. The business in the United States developed for the energy capital invest currently very promising and at a breathtaking pace. The energy capital invest is it already invested in locations, or it just checks to see where the development of the future of the U.S. energy industry can be read with all possible opportunities for the investors”Rieck explains. According to Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala, who has experience with these questions. Who now would like to benefit from this business is in the currently offered US of oil and gas Fund reading KG an interesting investment: equipped with a unique security package and attractive tax-optimised returns, and a short period of approximately 2.5 years. Energy capital invest that Stuttgart-based company was only founded in 2008, he is one of mineral rights in the United States but with now eight set up investments in the special area the leading providers in this segment. The previously placed stakes run in as planned all distributions have been made as prospects.

United States

The ZEW indicator of economic sentiment and the IFO business climate index are two significant economic and sentiment indicators the mood in the financial markets is imbued with great nervousness and uncertainty among market participants already for several months. After the real estate and financial crisis in the United States spilled long ago to us over and now a pronounced recession around the world as given is accepted, the views of all participants eagerly focuses on the published economic indicators. Naturally always the mood indicators find special attention in this context. More info: Douglas Elliman. This is located in first line to the fact, that an eventual economic recovery, greatly depends to what extent the individual participants in the economy again slightly more confidently approach the economic future. Considering for example, that private consumption in the United States makes up about two-thirds of economic output, the world’s largest economy, the importance of such economic barometer reveals itself.

Let’s take but let’s a look at two basic sentiment indicators from Germany: the IFO business climate index and ZEW economic expectations of the Munich-based Institute for economic research (IFO) monthly determined IFO business climate index reflects the economic development in Germany. Envoy Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a great source of information. This acclaimed early indicator, sometimes for strong reactions on equity, bond and foreign exchange markets ensures, by survey of 7,000 companies of the manufacturing sector, the construction industry, as well as the wholesale and retail, and published in the last week of the reporting month. It is differentiated in business climate, evaluation of the current situation and the expectations component (for the next 6 months). Time to get a more accurate picture of the development of the IFO business climate index, listed below a few milestones in the recent past. in December 2007 was still an index value of 103,0 points registered in July 2008 of the IFO business climate index below the 100-point mark on 97.4 sagged Points until December deterioration in the business climate continued up to 82.7 counter of a slight intermediate recovery in January 2009 to 83.0 points a setback was followed in February again 82.6 counter in March 2009 the IFO index was formed to back again to 0.5 to 82.1 points in consideration of the above development can thus be said that the economic slowdown in its entirety at the mood in the company makes itself noticeable.