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Eating Correctly And Why We Get Sick?

To better understand my article you must be clear that God created each human being a perfect body, able to fend off bacteria, viruses, and all kinds of organisms harmful to our health. We also gave an innate ability to self-regenerating. Regarding human nature is assumed that all were born healthy and that’s true in most cases, but we know that some people are born with diseases or genetic disorders. And why the question would be born sick? But the answer to this question is the subject of another article. Let us first because we get sick. Human beings were created to live in an environment and environmental conditions completely different from those that we are living in modern society. The apparent development and evolution of human beings leads us away more and more of the conditions and lifestyles for which we were created.

Let’s see how far we are from the ideal environment and conditions of life a We must live naked to the skin of our body has the same right to contact with air free and the sun’s rays. a We sleep outdoors or in a well ventilated room. a We were created to keep in touch with nature all day, working outdoors. a Our hours of rest must be from four in the afternoon until four o’clock, with our hours of sleep from 20:00 to 4:00. a Our food should be based on water, fruits, salads, vegetables, legumes, vegetables, seeds, whole grains and whole grains.