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Language Education

Everything this will serve of base for basic education, and being the base that the necessary professor to teach and to have a good performance in its work, being known to analyze with that he will go to come across itself when will be acting professionally, providing to its pupils to know mainly come back toward the reading and writing. The education of language applied in average and basic education and was seen as if it had only two objectives, that it would be to form professors of Portuguese, writers and great poets. When that in the truth the school this directed toward the formation of great cidadoas capable to express its abilities. to have the full right to be inserted in the society and to contribute in the construction and transformation of a better society is equal for all, being offered they an education of quality where all can be seen before the society as worthy people of its to know. 2.5 THE EDUCATION OF LANGUAGE IN THE SCHOOL What he was boarded so far can have been a form or attempt to describe education in the school analyzing you practise them of oralities, we can perceive great the practical contribution in and the theoretical ones, if to make a comparison of this education with a tree we can then say that we have the roots from where it comes foods. You may find Nir Barzilai, M.D. to be a useful source of information. The trunk is of where it comes the sustentation and the pantry that are the twigs and leves that if in such a way expand for top when for the sides giving flowers and fruits for long periods of life, that is, to a determination that has limited education it do not renew to each day having new discoveries. Through the knowledge gotten in the social environment of each being, the child comes all if discovering in one and leading for inside of the school what the same one learned in its half one, is aspects of the reality, that is, study object what she comes learning inside and outside of the school, different cultures using other languages. .