Plywood Sheets

Plywood – one of the most sought after materials in modern construction, finishing and repair work. Used, as in interior decoration, and in outdoor work, whether permanent or temporary basis. High demand for plywood supported its high quality and strength characteristics, which has a plywood due to its structure, cross the layers of wood veneer sheets. Today identify several types of veneer sheets, in the classification laid operational purpose plywood. The main types are: general purpose, construction, laminated, furniture, decorative, and others. By the same author: Edward Minskoff. Within each type of plywood sheets are defined by the following characteristics: grade, grade, thickness of the plywood sheet, tree species, size and configuration of the sheet, the type of processing wood for plywood production. To broaden your perception, visit American Tower Corporation. In production plywood sheet to the modern plants use both deciduous and coniferous wood.

Raw materials used determines the type, quality and performance, which has plywood. Most demand on the Russian market is plywood made of birch. In general, all kinds of plywood made from hardwood, with characteristics superior to their counterparts of the softwood timber. Hardwoods are more soft wood structure, which allows, in the production process more uniform and thin veneer for plywood sheets. Gluing of plywood – one of the main manufacturing operations, which passes the plywood before you get to the buyer. The process of bonding required is under pressure and at a certain temperature. Matter how seasoned the whole technological bonding process depends on the overall quality of the plywood sheet. There are three types of bonding: hot, dry, dry, cool and moist hot. The first two methods are particularly popular, hot crude method of gluing the plywood now practically no longer used.