Organization Platform

The height of the platform to rail transport should be taken as a rule, equal to 1.4 m above the rail head. To ensure the opening of doors of all types of insulated wagons along the platform should be railway reduced width of 0.56 m and a height of 1,1 m from the rail head. The height of the loading platform for motor vehicles should be 1,2 m from the surface of the loading and unloading platform. Allowed take another height cargo platform forms depending on the type of road transport. Log in cold-temperature chamber (the temperature below minus 5 C) buildings or refrigerators outside of the heated facilities necessary to provide a vestibule or unheated room. Doors and gates with electric or pneumatic opening and closing mechanisms should be provided in all cases devices of their opening hand.

At the gate, designed to evacuate people, should include the gate without thresholds or thresholds no higher than 0,1 m, open in the direction of escape from the building. Buildings refrigerators with ventilated subfields should be designed, as a rule, stand-alone. The height of the Underground should take at least 0,6 m from the planning of soil mark to bottom slabs. Within the underground is not beams should be higher than 1 / 3 the height of the underground. Placing underground utilities and pipes for transporting the refrigerant, as well as the formation of condensation on the surface of the underground floors are not allowed. Thickness protective layer of concrete load-bearing reinforced concrete ceiling above provet Riva underground must be at least 25 mm from the underground. Elements of the reinforced concrete slab over-ventilated underground must run out of concrete stamps in the frost-bones below the F300, for waterproofing – not less W6. Depending on the specifications of the refrigeration of accommodation can be provided in the engine room, without Organization of the engine room inside the building or outside.