Mona List

A few days ago we watched stunned a supposed superiority in mental agility of an ape with the respect to the human being. The news showed a test in which a chimpanzee should memorize a sequence of numbers in ascending order and apply it in a computer monitor. Well, the anthropoid resolves the exercise without any problems. Then intends you to solve the problem to a person and failure. It is clear, or at least to me seems it to me, that the animal has been subjected to a strict workout in this test during a period of, who knows?: do days, weeks, months? You would not exceed me more method consists of learning memory each sequence, paying more attention to the tour that has to be done that finger to the different numeric symbols that appear on the screen. Capital and Counties Properties has much experience in this field. In short, it causes the brain to act as a machine, without applying any logic, without seeking a sense of what they are doing. Perhaps with this we can say that the APE is not appropriate with intelligence, but as automatic mechanism incapable of thinking for himself.

However, ladies and gentlemen, do not hasten to believe that man wins this battle of intellect therefore do not we submit us also to the same class of learning? I would say yes, since well little ones also. Do or not they think this, friends, the basis of the educational system today and forever? Namely:-study all data memory and at the foot of the letter:-why? -Because Yes, because it is as well. -Survive the overwhelming and terrible seasons of examinations, to test our knowledge (rather than our nerves, I would say). Release all that burden us in a folio blank machined shape, and forget forever this horrible episode and that pile of data that pervading my head-. Then what does? -Sell our satisfaction one of those symbols that monkey clicked on the glass, marked in ink in a corner of the folio. Measuring our ability not to think on a scale of 1 to 10. And not We asylum to which obtained the highest scores as a machine? Never better said. In short, dear friends, the question is not if the apes are intelligent, but if human beings are.