Miss Taylor

Build a family is also subject to formats. You marry or not, you have or not have children, you separate or you divorce, you live alone or with someone. When a person dares to rethink the prevalent formats is often shocked, as Elizabeth Taylor did years ago when asked if marry eight times not was immoral (translation: does Miss Taylor that confuses us, that broke the format, how does not realize is?) do you afraid?). And she answered stoic was that at home taught him that truly immoral was still married with someone who didn’t already love. The free spirit of some person out there may be thinking that the formats are not for her, which are limiting and creative energy that cage. The paradox is that up to a no-formato is a format in itself; and like everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages of the formats would be: 1.-you give a sense of direction, 2.-serenity, 3.-establish rules and procedures, 4.-they provide a vehicle for membership, 5.-illustrate a life plan and 6.-minimize the expense of Adaptive energy. Among the disadvantages: 1.-limits your horizon, 2.-te hace conformist, 3.-inhibits creativity, 4.-promotes the borreguismo, 5.-reduces life choices and, 6.-you away from the power generation process. Then, might conclude that if you are at the end of the aberration by formats and chronic rebellion, the option could be the grant, search and adopt some formats. If you are at the end of the obsession by formats and the chronic boredom, the option could be break pit with some formats. Our jacket essence leads us to a constant exercise of search, conquest and exploration of formats. As a recurring cycle that starts and ends only to renew itself and move toward what’s new and the stimulating. Perhaps the most important thing is the ability to tolerate ambiguity, contradiction, complexity, and to everything that finally makes us human original author and source of the article.